073 – gimme my hash justin!


in our final episode in the year of our lord 2017, we finally talk about the state of legal weed in canada. we also get around to talking about Season 1 Episode 14, Special. it’s all about Walt and Michael trying to get along, Walt having untold abilities, and Walt’s Mom being mean for no good reason.

we’ll be taking a two week break after this ep for the holidays, and returning on January 10th. happy snow time to all!!

071 – stoked to poke


we’re back!! after a month off we’re talkin’ about our favourite show ever, and you know it’s gotta be Lost. of course it’s Season 4 Episode 5, The Constant. ol’ Desmond’s on a helicopter, then he’s in the military?? what kind of nonsense?? well we sure hope he finds the love of his life. turns out it’s a genuinely great episode of lost. meanwhile we evaluate a doctor. thanks again for listening and see you next week!

070 – looming a blanket for your entire life


hello there. on Season 6, Episode 15, titled Across The Sea, we learn all about Jacob, and his nameless brother. one wears white and the other wears black. they were raised by Academy Award Winner Allison Janney, and dug a well sometimes. they saw a light in a cave and said “looks neat to me!” god is it ever a boring episode of television. we do our best but but it doesn’t take us long to bring out some fun new characters that everyone is surely going to love.

hey, as we mention at the end of this episode, we’ll be taking the rest of november off! we’ll be back fresh and full in december to tackle what’s left of lost. thanks for sticking around!

069 – i’m ben (theme of ben linus)


hey hey hey it’s Season 6, Episode 12, and it’s time to learn about how Everybody Loves Hugo. hurley, you see, is making the world a better place, but can he find true love?? maybe with the help of a little fellow called Desmond, he can have a date. meanwhile on the island, Michael is a ghost?? who cares. what’s important is that each character has a theme song and that weed is legal in Canada. thanks as always for putting up with us.

068 – babytown


Season 4? Episode 4? you KNOW we’re talkin Eggtown, baby. Locke learns how to run an Eggtown, and Miles and Ben have a fun little chat. meanwhile, in the Future, Kate is held responsible for her crimes, kind of, sort of, but not really. it’s a real loose one this week, so get ready for some talk of Vienna Sausages. also special guest Alphonse arrives to share some thoughts.

067 – tiny dad


Season 3, Episode 19, is called The Brig. we watched it this week! John Locke meets his dad and doesn’t love to see him. Sawyer meets Locke’s dad too!! it’s Dad Time!!! meanwhile Bean and James are here to present innovative fast food solutions and pitch a brave new television pilot. are you on Team Knife or Team Pillar? either way, you’re welcome here.

066 – l. ron cupboard


we watch Season 1 Episode 7, The Moth, and it’s all about Charlie’s rockstar lifestyle!! meanwhile, in the present, Charlie struggles with addiction by causing a cave in. we also talk a little bit about the difference between the Maritimes and the rest of Canada, and discuss some Simpsons rumours that have been floating around. thanks as always for listening!

065 – a fare a day


welcome back! it’s Season 4 Episode 2, Confirmed Dead this week. we meet the Freighter Crew as they arrive to the island, including Faraday, Miles, Charlotte, and you KNOW we gotta have Dirty Shirty Frank!! the gang, meanwhile, is split about whether these bozos wanna help ’em or hurt ’em. we finally realize that this is a show that is for smart people only, so if you don’t know about a big number, sorry!! you’ll have to delete this podcast and not listen to it.

064 – a big cup of exposition coffee


special guest Jack Bielli joins us today on this jumbo-sized episode of the show! we watch Season 5 Episode 14, The Variable. we learn about Daniel Faraday this week! he arrives on the island in past-times, screams at everyone, and wants to talk to his mom. no clue why, cause in the past, we learn his mom ain’t great! we also learn the truth about eggs. thanks for listening!

by the way, you can check out Jack and James’ lovely podcast, Lovable Favourites, right over here: https://soundcloud.com/lovablefavouritespodcast