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S3E3 – MC Hamma

I know I said Colony 10 a lot in this episode. I don't know why I thought they were in Colony 10; they were in Colony 1 the whole time. Consider this my formal apology; I will never be wrong about anything ever again, thank you so much. Also?? How do we know the Hamma-Hamma wasn't named after Lady Haman??? Watching - Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ Episodes 7-9 Featuring - Max & Jake Check out our other shows! - Pod of Greed & Slappers Only & Hearts Against: Balance & A Podcast Most Fowl Twitter Discord Noise Space


S1E7 – Kyle of Duty

Still waiting for resolution on Kyle's school situation from two weeks ago? Well, give up! This week we're watching S01E07 "Kyle Got Game", and it's a basketball episode! The finals are coming up, so I guess we're a ways into the school year, and Kyle is ready to play! Put him in, coach! Or don't, because he doesn't actually know the rules of the game. The championship? Are you sure? Okay! Meanwhile, the Hillary subplot is putting us to sleep. Sam | Jordan Twitter | Patreon | Discord | YouTube


Guys in Trouble

Nothing weird happens in this episode, haha! We're talking about Chapter 8 of Yakuza (2005/Kiwami): the Scheme. In this exciting chapter, we delve into Kiryu's past for the first time! Oh...we had a whole game of that, huh. This week, we're talking about the Famous Kamurocho Color Gangs, fog walls, and a very normal YouTube channel. I promise it's all very, very regular!!! Jordan's Twitter: Argyle's Twitter: Join the Discord:


Episode 7 – RAINBOW FACTORY: Blue Check Cutie Mark

In the first of what will likely be many servings of MY LITTLE PONY CREEPYPASTA, Nonna Roy and Antigone violate OSHA in order to read RAINBOW FACTORY! Shine on, you crazy bitches! Featuring: even more cool fun wikis; neighpotism; a cameo by Maynard James Keenan; leaving it to the straights; plus, which type of pony is Pete Buttigieg (mayor)? Noise Space | Discord | Twitter | Roy | Antigone


Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Come, sail the high seas with us this week as we travel to the far-off land of Rogueport! We'll massage a dragon's feet, we'll take down Vince McMahon, we'll get our identities stolen, and we'll even go to the moon! This week, Jordan and Max are discussing the inarguable classic Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door! Just what is behind that dang door??? I hope it's good music! Follow Us: Jordan's Twitter: Max's Twitter: Slappers Only:


#142: Dolly Parton’s Bathwater & 2021 Called Shots!

New year, same cursed podcast! We recorded this when Bean Dad was still a thing. Remember Bean Dad? Remember when we thought that sucked? We were just boys then.. We're also talking Discovery Zone, the continued downfall of Chuck E. Cheese, and a whole bunch of other stuff! And we wrapped it all up with our "Called Shots of 2021." Share your called shots for the year on our DISCORD for a chance to win some Omaha Steaks! (Legally required to say they aren't a sponsor.. cowards..) Topics: Discovery Zone, Chuck E. Cheese's Twitch Channel, AGDQ, Heaven's Gate: The Cult…


#4 – Sisterhood of the Traveling Jorts (Twilight: New Moon pt. 2)

Awwwooooo!!!! What's up, Big Dogs? Your favorite stinky kids are back with part two of their dive into Twilight: New Moon! Soooo much happens in this movie, guys!!! Jacob runs! Edward shows nips! Alice drives! Bella fucking sucks!! What more could you ask for?! Maybe a better movie? Probably! ANYWAY, enjoy the episode! Please consider directly supporting the Quileute Tribe's efforts to move their their at-risk community to safer, higher ground so that their culture and heritage may thrive and survive! Donate at: Follow us @TwiHardPod on Twitter! We talk about Twilight there! Jameson (they/she/he) - @kindfable Gary (he/they)…


59 – Ham Bong

The plot rememberers have logged back on, and this time we're reading chapters 58 and 59, parts III and IV of the "Poisons" arc! These chapters are extremely sad, but don't worry, we found the worst ways possible to have fun with them. Jiang Cheng feels a mother's love for the first time in his life, Wei Wuxian is catatonic (but hurgling), Wen Ning don't snitch, and Wen Zhuliu gets a good and funny voice as well as good and funny thoughts. Also, your hosts explore all of the things you can make a bong out of, create divorce boat…


Episode 25 – It’s Not Over ‘Til the Pink Lady Sings

Welcome to the year of the cow! This episode gets nice and milky as Sherlock and Joan head off to London, the home of rich people who get their teeth pulled for fun, and the world's biggest eye. It's looking right at you and blinking quite dangerously. Don't worry about it! This week we watched Season 2 Episode 1 of CBS Elementary, Step Nine. We meet some new characters from the Sherlock Holmes canon, including one who Joan didn't know existed! Intro song by Noah Geist Outro song is Watching the Detectives by Elvis Costello Join our discord!


S3E2 – Universal Century: The Libertarian Dream

Uh-oh! The menacing Mashymre Cello of Axis is attacking Side 1 with his army of pigs! Team up with the Angry Birds and fire your bottles of sand using your slingshot to drive them all away! You get bonus points if you break a rich person's window! It's direct action! Watching - Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ Episodes 4-6 Featuring - Max & Jake Check out our other shows! - Pod of Greed & Slappers Only & Hearts Against: Balance & A Podcast Most Fowl Twitter Discord Noise Space

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