014 – Bradley Cooper’s Top Bush


A star is born on this week’s CGMG, with special guest Lola’s podcasting debut! We’re (dirty) talking season 2 episode 2 this week: The Awful Truth. Miranda tries something new, we finally approve of Charlotte’s man of the week, and none of us think Susan Sharon is a valid first name.

Lola’s Twitter: twitter.com/logaines

013 – Dolce & Gabballna


Your favourite City Girls are back to start season two of Sex and the City! This week we’re on episode 13, where Miranda is trying desperately to make the show pass the Bechdel test. The other girls aren’t having it though — Samantha has her man going balls deep, Carrie’s on the rebound with a Yankee, and Charlotte… is also dating a ball player. Oh, balls.

012 – I Love Big Dick


Folks, we’ve made it through a whole season of wacky sexcapades and ’90s antics. And this season finale? It’s Big. Big like Mr Big, but also big like Big Dicks. Get it? Like our funny episode title! Carrie is being Carrie, Miranda is dating a catholic, and Samantha has a BIG dealbreaker. We also talk about Halloween costumes, and Alex learns about Canadian headgear. Time to take a long shower to wash away our sins before season 2!

011 – Hold Hands and the City


This week on CGMD we’re joined by a very special guest, friend of the show Sara! We talk about episode 11, in which the titular sex is but a dream for our girls. Samantha’s edging, Carrie’s farting, and Stephanie doesn’t know the difference between boxing and wrestling. So buckle up, slam that NUT button, and enjoy this highly cursed episode!

Sara’s Twitter: twitter.com/SunhatZhenya
Sara’s Tumblr: chiesatonakas.tumblr.com

007 – Sheesh!


Welcome back to your favourite podcast! Alex and Stephanie are here to chat about episode 7 of Sex and the City: The Monogamists. But, more importantly, we’re also here to question the lack of a gritty Wild Thornberrys reboot, start some blowjob discourse, and laugh about a funnie boob. Which girl is the secret McElroy sister? Which was our valid-dick-torian? Listen to find out, and mow hay every day!

006 – Poop Titties 4


Welcome to Ariana Grande fan hour! This week we’re talking about Secret Sex, episode 6 of Sex and the City. It’s a huge milestone episode – Carrie finally goes on her first real date with Big, and we hate it. In fact, we hate it so much that we keep getting distracted with other important topics, like The Americans on FX, Sweetener (buy now on iTunes!!), and OkCupid weirdos. Get ready for a good spanking!