Episode Forty-Six: Okay, I’m Going To Do A Naruto

Just because someone is absolutely one hundred percent guaranteed by the stars to kill one of your co-hosts is no reason not to stan. It’s a Cassie book, which means a lot of fumbling through trying to process the philosophical core of the Animorphs series. Also, eels! Join three people who have grown so ancient & wizened that they can no longer handle your standard iced tea to discuss this sweet treat of a book, number 29, The Sickness. Ooh ah ah ah.
In addition to moral complexity of alien species, we discuss: No Jokes 2K19, Licensed Fast Food Toys, and A Homestuck Tangent

Episode Forty-Five: Wait. You Guys. Andalite Vampires Would Kick You


A heart-wrenching book about animal experimentation and factory farming somehow results in an episode that gets randy’n’rowdy by the middle of the intro. Don’t ask us how, but the energy just goes up from there. It’s Animorphs book 28, The Experiment, and we’re asking the tough questions: what if literally no-one can read???

In addition to having perhaps too-high expectations of the philosophical centre of a children’s book, we discuss: We Don’t Know The Upper Bounds Of How Many Hands Visser 3 Has, One Single Framed Photo Of Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill, Selfish Extreme Home Makeover Host, Desperate Housewives Is Actually Good, Riverdale Tangent

Referenced media: Fluffy Ax drawing, little brown bird!!!, the history of traffic lights

EPISODE 127: Train to Busan


We’re back! And we’re here to tackle one of Sara’s favorite takes on zombies, with Yeon Sang-Ho’s Train to Busan! With Y’all like Depeche Mode? Reach out and click faith? Is that anything? Hope so!

We also discussed Downloadable Jesus, Zombies Make You Cry, Sense8 Petitions, and Press X to Kiss Your Wife!

Cells at Work
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

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EPISODE 126: Cam (2018)

Grab a straw, babies, we’re slurping on some Respecting Women Juice in this our 2x doppelgänger-as-metaphor cinematic combo! Join your hosts as we discuss the Netflix original Cam (2018) and waffle about lofty ideas such as “theme” and “narrative devices” and “what if this movie was about YouTubers and starred Logan Paul instead”!
A Short Story About a War
Dance and Cry
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Episode 125: Perfect Blue


CONTENT WARNING: This movie contains a scene of sexual assault as a pivotal moment in the film, and as such, we discuss that content a fair bit. If that’s something that might get to you, totally understandable, and you might wanna skip this one.

I’ll be honest, I really don’t have much to say here. Perfect Blue? Turns out it’s a good fuckin’ movie! Enjoy this hour of Sara marking the fuck out over Satoshi Kon’s entire body of work, marvel as she says some smart shit for once!

Super Smanched Brothers, Saying Legal Things About Darren Aronofsky, Fruit Ninja Decapitations, A Really Long Flappy Bird Tangent, Big Body Pizza, and Jason Voorhees’s Giant Titty.


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EPISODE 124: Cube 2: Hypercube


This week, your hosts leap into the fourth dimension in order to wrap our heads around this baffling sequel to Cube. Maybe it’s the time distortion, maybe it’s the Fortnite walls, maybe it’s the impressively nonsensical writing and acting that seem to just rotate your body in zero-G as you age rapidly while watching this movie, but there’s just something about this one, folks. There’s just something about this one.

Hey Riddle Riddle
10 Cloverfield Lane

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Episode Forty-Three: Real Time Owl Memes

Can someone, for the love of god, get these kids some therapy? Jake had a living, thinking being die in his head and now the fucking eye of Sauron is visiting him in his dreams. It’s book twenty-six, The Attack, and they don’t even get to enjoy the touring stage production of The Lion King that came to their school before the Ellimist sends them off to play team deathmatch for the fate of a species. Also, Erek is here! Or, at least, he was; there’s a wall standing in his place now.
In addition to hyping up the transformative power of love, we also offered some opinions on Let Cassie Say Fuck, Biggest Death Metal Scream, Jake Pulls Rank, Rock Facts!, Satah crying at a spoonthe great new owl meme, and Blair’s Shipping Ph.D!

Episode Forty-Two: In The World Where Mermaids Are Real You Might Have Been Born A Mermaid


This episode got lost in the snowy tundra for three weeks, where it repeatedly almost died of hypothermia before morphing back to its original form and then morphing back to let itself almost die again. Uh-oh! Luckily, it survived. In this very scattered episode, we read Animorphs book 25: The Extreme. The Yeerks of being incredibly tired and giggly have infected all of us and it’s fine, it’s fine, we’re fine.

In addition to spending one of our hours discussing this, we also cover: Finally Sara Is Going To Decapitate Her Co-hosts, We Are All Gamecube, WHO IS THIS DOG?, It’s Always Blair’s Birthday, The Fuck-Off Ship Is What They Call It In Andalite, and Marco Is NOT A Cool Divorce Dad

Episode 123: The Love Witch

This week on Fearbaiting, our hosts return from Thanksgiving gatherings with their families and gather around to give thanks, for horror movies. Joining them in these giving of thanks, Val Flightcub has tagged along to show them a new one – The Love Witch! It’s technically a horror movie, so it fits! We’re VERY thankful for it. We also discuss Childhood Fears, Steve Wozniak’s Double Life, Misandry Business, and Witch Bottles!
Thanks to Val for joining us! You can find them at flightcub on tumblr, and @flightcubb on twitter!
She-Ra and the Princesses of Power
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