Episode Fifty-Seven: It’s Like Sex Ed But Forever And War


Crumph crumph: the sound of a book written in the 90s trying to deal with gender. It’s Animorphs book 38, The Arrival, which means it’s time to discuss our various mouth pleasures. Mine is just saying “crumph crumph”!

Referenced media: Millennials Aren’t Growing Horns From Their Celled Phones, that statue of Oscar Wilde

Episode Fifty-Six: Some Houses Go, But Again, Not Particularly Fast


No controllers on this podcast! Only human beings who love the human character Rachel. She is strong, she is real, and she is our friend. It’s Animorphs book 37, The Weakness, and we’re considerably more excited about Visser 3’s fantastically strong ex-boyfriend energy than any of the actual plot. Rachel’s the boss now and we’re the Supernatural of podcasts, I guess.

In addition to other people named Rachel, we discuss: Hubris: The Book, Essay Filler, I Have To Live With Me ALL THE TIME, Houses Are The Slowest Thing That We make, Golf Ball Murder, Red Lights Georg, Oh! My Hubris, and Negged By Amazon

Episode Fifty-Five: Put Ya Dick in Some Wires


Whew! That was a real tough battle, but Sara managed to get out of Canada alive! Unfortunately, we had to leave Satah behind for a little bit to fend off the oncoming Yeerk horde. Don’t worry, I’m sure they’ll be fine. In the meantime, we took a trip down to not-exactly-Atlantis to take a look at some Beegees, according to Rachel. It’s The Mutation!

In addition to Shorts Season, Johnny Two Brains, Porn Laptop, Mob Psycho Animorphs AU, Double Depression, Closed-System Reproduction, and Everybody Knows Paprika’s Fucked.

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Episode Fifty-Four: Because Of Her Tendency To Commit Treason Immediately


In the longest episode yet, we somehow stay completely on-topic. In our defense, there’s a lot going on. It’s a seasonally appropriate Animorphs special today as we discuss the book Visser. No, not the monologuing himbo; the other one. Oh shit.

In addition to… huh. No, seriously, this is just us talking about purely the book for almost an hour and a half.

Referenced media: You made this? I made this.

Episode Fifty-Three: Some People Irony Poison To Cope


Cancel culture is when six teenagers with alien technology come together to try to get you to freak out over some cockroaches in your salad. Sometimes, the natural state of two lifebeings interacting is fear. These are just quotes from Blair I really loved that were too long to make the episode title. I’m writing this at a bar because as I ordered a beer, I realised I hadn’t finished editing the episode, so I did it in the corner. Like a cool kid! The things I do for you. Anyway, book, I guess. I’m over it! Animorphs book 35: The Proposal. It’s a palindrome of the episode number! Fuuuun!!!!!!!

In addition to Marco’s mental state, we discuss: Dopamine Machine Please, Poodles Have Genetic Bows, Caring About The Earth Was Starting To Become A Fad (But Not Enough Of A Fad), I Wanna Watch TV With That Dad, It’s Comforting To Know Humanity Has Always Been Broken, and The Cool Adult Who’s In On Things

Referenced media: David Tennant with a ponytail, and again, Michael Grant’s andalite drawing from the series bible, white taxidermy monkey meme

Episode Fifty-Two: Motherfuckers Going To The Moon In A Paper Airplane

We read Animorphs book 34, The Prophecy. That’s all I’m writing about the episode this week, cuz I’m tired. Take that, George Lucas!
In addition to loving body sharing tropes, we espouse opinions on: Doggie Video Is Here To Stay, I Have To Fight My Adult Son, Ships Look Like Species, and What If Your Hometown Lake Was Polluted With Fascist Space Colonisers

Episode Fifty-One: Humans Have The Capacity To Create New Snacks; Dogs Are Beholden To The Snacks Available To Them

One of us is knocked out with the flu, so it’s up to the remaining two to try not to get knocked out by Feelings. Someone please SOS (Save Our Son). It’s Animorphs book 33, The Illusion, and it’s time to settle once and for all whether dogs have a food culture.
In addition to bemoaning the trauma of a bird boy, we discuss: Goo Goo Dolls Sounds Like Morphing Noises, What Does It Feel Like To Have A Human Brain, Metaphorically Drinking Soda Through Life, School Dances, CAPTURED ON PURPOSE!!!, Only One Of Us Can Be Spartacus, Cousins You’d Go To War With, and The Capacity For Snacks

Episode Fifty: Orange Julius Is The Illuminati


If you see a less caffeinated version of this episode walking around, let us know so we can join forces. Until then, let me introduce you to the evil (?) twin: a full hour of someone audibly using a fidget spinner kicked off by someone else saying “Teens Lit AF”. It’s Animorphs book 32, The Separation, and the hosts are… of two minds about it. Bwomp bwooooomp

In addition to a truly iconic cover, we discuss: I’ve Become Superhuman For Finding Fucking Ingredients, Rachel’s Astrological Chart, Orange Julius Androids, and Gut Check

Referenced media: We Fooled The Internet w/ Fake Justin Bieber Photo, Mystify Your Mind screensaver

Episode Forty-Nine: Beatrix Potter Characters Don’t Real; Cryptids Might Real

It’s a sleepy pod, baby! Cuddle on in for some relaxing bedtime discussion of Animorphs book thirty-one, The Conspiracy. Note: in this case, we assume that you prefer your lullabies to be full of children experiencing trauma.
In addition to parents constantly being in peril, we discuss: 2b28, Ow My Baby Hand, Tiger Tiddies, Transgenderism Is Lit, and Beatrix Potter Knows Something We Don’t Know