Episode Sixty-One: Will The Real Slim Goodbody Please Stand Up


Returning to the studio after a few months with Animorphs book forty-one, The Familiar, where actually… nothing is very familiar. Think of who you were at age fifteen and come on this journey with us.

In addition to being generally befuddled, we discuss: Death Note Yaoi, Star Wars Didn’t Exist Until Three Years Ago, High Quality Pictures Of Slim Goodbody, I Assume Somewhere Blair Is Screaming, Always Needing Interrogation Maybe or Monday is Monday funnier, and Advent Calendar Of Trauma

Referenced media: High quality picture of Slim Goodbody

Episode Sixty: The Vriska Of Animorphs


Welcome to our wonderful life diving into the classic “what if something had never happened” trope with the fourth & final Megamorphs! Join us as we watch Cassie become unstuck in time, hear Marco and Rachel grow closer together, and see the life of all of our favourite characters extinguished one by one. It’s Animorphs, baby!

In addition to whatever it was we talked abt when we recorded this more than two months ago, sorry, my bad, we discuss: The Third Host Emily Swashbuckle, Mostly Clothed On The Internet & Drinkin’ Coffee, Blair’s Beef, and Little Shitty Arms

Referenced media: Sharks are smooth as hell, Satah + Garold recording selfie

EPISODE 154: Halloween: Resurrection


Schlocktober 2019 is coming to a close, and who better to help us bring it all in than Ceridwen (@girlin4colors) bringing with her in tow the eighth installment in the Halloween franchise, Halloween: Resurrection! Join us as we talk about Bad Movie Deeplore, Vriska (for far too long), Competitive Cup Stacking, and more!

Over the Garden Wall
The Magnus Archives

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EPISODE 153: One Missed Call


Ring ring! Uh oh! You got a voicemail! It’s from a ghost! You’re gonna die in a few days, apparently. That sucks. But maybe the movie we watched this week, One Missed Call, can provide you with some instructions on how to navigate this sticky situation! Joined by host of City Girls Make Do Stephanie, we’ll get to the bottom of your haunted iPhone or whatever.

In addition to brick phones, we also talked about deviantArt searches, cats not being on they celled phones, horse dives, ghostpunching, and a deep dive into Taylor Swift!

Carly Rae Jepsen – Dedicated
Taylor Swift – Reputation
Tegan and Sara

Thanks to Stephanie for joining us! Find her on twitter @ageofoddish and on City Girls Make Do!

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Here’s a picture of Looker and Nanu!

EPISODE 152: Fear Dot Com


This week on Fearbaiting, Schlocktober rolls on and Roy Fuckwarlock joins us to talk about the 2002 “film” Fear Dot Com (Dot Com)! Spoiler alert: it’s not very good. But the episode sure is!

Ascendance of a Bookworm
Lacroix Hibiscus
Paper quilling

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Mildred Thecat

EPISODE 151: Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2


SCHLOCKTOBER IS HERE AT LAST!!!!! And we’re kicking it off with Satah of the show, uh, Satah (@nuditea), as they bring us along to really confront our inner demons with Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2, a sequel as ill conceived as its title construction is. Join us as we really take to task how much this supposed sequel seems to really, really, deeply hate its source material.

A lil Amiibo to bring you joy
Tempeh! You know, like the food!
Peachykine – Peachykine

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EPISODE 150: Paprika


As we grow nearer to the Hallowed day of Ween, the boundary between the spectral world and the human becomes weaker. As such, sometimes (g)hosts slip through unnoticed, which is why cofounder of the show Blair has returned a week early to talk to us about Sara’s all-time favorite film, Paprika!

In addition to cicada revelations, we also discuss Almond Turds (skip to 5:15 to avoid the poop story!), Jurassic World 2 Adventure, Atsuko’s Phid, and just a ton of Film Analysis. Put your thinking brains on, y’all – Sara’s on her bullshit!

Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai
Norman Fucking Rockwell!
Crossword puzzles!

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Episode Fifty-Nine: I Don’t Give A Shit; Extradite Me


Andalites? Disguised as human? On my Earth? It’s more likely than you think. This week, we meet some other refugees from the Andalite army, and learn a very important if kinda hamfisted lesson about ableism from Animorphs book 40: The Other!

CW: Ableism (We rarely attach content warnings to this show, but the wildly dehumanising way this book tackles ableism warrants one)

In addition to this very special after-school episode, we discuss: The Deep Wonder Yeerks Lore, We All Have Shipping Disease, Summer Wars AU, Marco Would Do OK Online, Dirtbag Leftist Marco, Love Magic, and Matt Gamecube Will Never Die

Referenced media: Josie & The Pussycats Is The Greatest Film Ever Made

Episode Fifty-Eight: President Trash Boy


It’s time for a Cassie book, which means it’s time to settle down, open ourselves up to our more pacifist tendencies, and marvel at the Cronenberg-esque abomination that is an ant poorly attempting to morph into a human being. And also there’s a cape buffalo. He turns into a human too. It’s Animorphs book 39, The Hidden, and I’m sure Cassie’s fine!

In addition to the general malaise that is these authors are trying to destroy this sweet little girl, we discuss: The Highs, The Lows, The Side-To-Sides, The Trash, The Boy, The Shorp Porps, and There Are So Many Ants