6 – Jolene (2008)

6 – Jolene (2008)
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Hosts: Derek, Juan
Premiered: March 2, 2015

Prepare to be capital-s Sad! This time, the guys take a look at Dan Ireland’s adaptation of the Dolly Parton-inspired, E.L. Doctorow-penned Jolene. Also, they also almost certainly mess up Chazz Palminteri’s name (sorry, Chazz). Not a whole lot of tangents in this one, just a lot of discussion about the intersection of tone, style, and appropriateness.

This episode’s recommendations:

Take Shelter

The Tree of Life

(Note: This movie has a fair about of sexual abuse and violence in it, so be forewarned that those will be a recurring topic over the course of the pod’s running time.)