S1E2 – Bagged Milk

S1E2 – Bagged Milk
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Hosts: Derek, Matt
Premiered: August 17, 2016

It’s the second, long-delayed episode of the Field Guide to Canadiana. This one is about bagged milk with a mostly irrelevant aside on the Canadian dairy industry, so I hope you’re ready for a solid half-hour of milk facts, bad polling methodology and at least one ghastly pun. Don’t skim this one! You’ll want to listen to it whole!


Songs featured in this episode:

  • Born Ruffians – Milkman / To Cure A Weakling Child (1:31) [CANCON]
  • They Might Be Giants – Please Pass The Milk, Please (14:03)
  • HSY – Milk Chug (19:27) [CANCON]
  • Dan Deacon – Big Milk (27:46)

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