EPISODE 20: V/H/S Viral

EPISODE 20: V/H/S Viral
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Hosts: Abe, Blair, Sara SunhatZhenya
Premiered: October 24, 2016

As Gooftober soldiers on, we’re joined by our good friend of the show Abe (@zettaitoken) to discuss V/H/S Viral! It’s a headache and a half made by someone who doesn’t understand the definition of “viral.”

We also discuss stupid dirt fabios, the fear factor of Michael Keaton, V/O/R/E: Viral, how to avoid giving a blowjob to a ghost, Dark Justice vs Injustice, fraggle cocks, why DID this movie have so much fucking vore?, and getting admonished by dads.


  • Detective Conan
  • Lady Gaga’s Joanne (or Born This Way)
  • nana825763

Intro and outro music courtesy of Visager.