EPISODE 35: Coherence

EPISODE 35: Coherence
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Hosts: Blair, Rinks, Sara SunhatZhenya
Premiered: February 6, 2017

Join Blair and Luna, with special guest Rinks–wait, and… special guests Blair, Luna and Rinks, as well as Blair, Luna, and Rinks… with a cameo from Rinks’s cat–as they talk about the movie Coherence! We get down and dirty with this real thinker of a film, and before you dive on in, this is one of the few movies on our show where you’d get the most out of the movie by going in cold. We won’t call the feds on you if you don’t, but go give it a watch before you barrel into our babblings on this flick!

Topics this week include: Petite bourgeoisie tea bags, cats in boxes, multiverse shenanigans, Eau du High School, and a beautiful musical number from the one and only Luna.

ON A SCALE OF ONE TO FIVE “Bottles of Ketamine”: All three of us gave it a solid 5/5


Intro and outro music courtesy of Visager.