Episode 11 – The Victreebel Flail

Episode 11 – The Victreebel Flail
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Hosts: Matt, Zane
Premiered: April 1, 2017

Elite Full Restore yet again took too long to make an episode, even with a fill-in host! We welcome back Zane as Aury enjoys their post-marital bliss, and nerd out more than usual. If this episode isn’t showing up in your podcast feed, it’s probably because iTunes and Google Play are being weird with the new episode URLs.

  • Literally what is Pokémon Duel
  • M2DESCENT is a real dumb code, but it’ll get you some Mewtwo stones
  • Mega Pidgeot’s Yu-Gi-Oh hair
  • Whining about online infrastructure: part one million
  • Matt mispronounces at least 3 Pokémon names and Zane doesn’t call him out on it
  • What If Chatot Was Good?
  • Sinnoh confirmed
  • Pokémon is eSports now
  • Where is my fly Pokémon, Game Freak?
  • Literally every ROMhack is bad except one
  • The world’s nerdiest discussion about sprite dimensions
  • Someone please draw Zane swinging a Victreebel like a flail


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