Episode 11 – The Victreebel Flail

Episode 11 – The Victreebel Flail
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Hosts: Matt, Zane
Premiered: April 1, 2017

Elite Full Restore yet again took too long to make an episode, even with a fill-in host! We welcome back Zane as Aury enjoys their post-marital bliss, and nerd out more than usual.

  • Literally what is Pokémon Duel
  • M2DESCENT is a real dumb code, but it’ll get you some Mewtwo stones
  • Mega Pidgeot’s Yu-Gi-Oh hair
  • Whining about online infrastructure: part one million
  • Matt mispronounces at least 3 Pokémon names and Zane doesn’t call him out on it
  • What If Chatot Was Good?
  • Sinnoh confirmed
  • Pokémon is eSports now
  • Where is my fly Pokémon, Game Freak?
  • Literally every ROMhack is bad except one
  • The world’s nerdiest discussion about sprite dimensions
  • Someone please draw Zane swinging a Victreebel like a flail


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