EPISODE 49: The Blair Witch Project

EPISODE 49: The Blair Witch Project
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Hosts: Blair, Sara SunhatZhenya
Premiered: May 15, 2017

On this very special anniversary episode of Fearbaiting, our hosts talk about Blair’s favorite movie of all time, The Blair Witch Project! We also announce our new Animorphs spinoff project, The Wonder Yeerks! Yes, we know we call it “The Golden Yeerks,” that’s wrong. And we announce our Patreon! More information about that can be found at this link. Once again, just wanted to say a genuine thanks for all the support we’ve had from our listeners this past year.

We also discuss: Dad Dabs, The Podcast Killer, Composer Factz, Our Shortest Plot Summary, Fearbaiting Superlatives, Flashbacks!, Fearbaiting’s Best Meme, Li’l Jimmy’s Troubling Addiction, and Luna Loses Her Shit Over Blair Witch Project Games.

RATINGS Our hosts skipped ratings this week on accident! Whoops! Kinda hard to rate The Blair Witch Project, though.


Intro/outro music courtesy of Visager.