EPISODE 48: The Craft

EPISODE 48: The Craft
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Hosts: Blair, Sara SunhatZhenya, Satah
Premiered: May 8, 2017

This week Blair and Luna are joined by chaotic trickster spirit and friend of the show Satah to talk about The Craft! And it gets… pretty hectic, as they play fast and loose with what can legally be considered a podcast about movies. But stick with us! They cover topics such as, a harrowing b-plot to remember the name of an album, one woman’s desperate attempts to keep the gang on topic, sharks, super flirty sleepovers, being a teenager in the 90s, and lesbian potentiality.

RATINGS: Luna – Ehhh???/5 fake plane crashes Blair – 3/5 fake plane crashes Satah – 3/5 fake plane crashes