EPISODE 6: Book Nut

EPISODE 6: Book Nut
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Hosts: Blair, Sara SunhatZhenya
Premiered: August 11, 2017

Luna and Blair CAN tell you who they are! And also where they live! What they can also tell you is that absolutely nobody hosting this podcast is being controlled by a Yeerk! Hey, come on down to The Sharing, it’s a great time! Oh, yeah, we also talked about a book or something. Jake’s back! It’s The Capture! We’re definitely human!

In addition to The Capture, your absolutely non-controlled hosts also discussed Animorphormers, A Deep Dive Into Richard’s Animorphs Forum, Teenecronomicon, The Back Dicks/Fantastic Beasts and Where to Watch Them, Luna’s Editing Skills, Death By Jibblies, Butthole Surgery, Yeerk Jacuzzi, and Werewolf-Style Imprisonment But With Pizza.

Things we discussed: The original cover

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