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Hosts: Blair, Eva, Sara SunhatZhenya
Premiered: October 2, 2017

A year has passed, and we’re back for your favorite festive exploration of the absolute bottom of the fucking barrel of horror movies! It’s SCHLOCKTOBER! To start, we decided to look at a movie that’s taking a bold stance in this day and age: teens spend just way too much time on their dang phones! #HORROR is here to put them in their place! Joining them for this #HORRORshow is friend of the show Eva!

In addition to the waste of artistic vision that was #HORROR, your hosts also discussed: Hewwo??, Competitive Slashtag, Three Minutes of Gaming, Bedcasting, Weed Strains, Defining Slashtag, Banksy’s Subtlety, Scary Statues, Resume Contents, and Kiss Movies!

On a scale of zero to 5 Hours of your Life Wasted, your hosts had the following to say: BLAIR: Maybe like a 1.5? Maybe a 2? LUNA: 1. EVA: 2!


  • Nick Drake’s Five Leaves Left
  • Youtube.com/BrutalMoose
  • Slutever
  • Red Fang’s Only Ghosts
  • Marika Hackman’s I’m Not Your Man

Check out Eva on twitter @eva_ursa!

Thanks to Satah for our Schlocktober theme song – check out their music at http://peopleyoumeetoutsideofbars.bandcamp.com/

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