S1E9 – Pizza Party

S1E9 – Pizza Party
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Hosts: Jordan, Sam
Premiered: October 31, 2017

Our longest episode yet! It’s S01E09, “Slice of Life”, and it’s pizza time in Secret Life City, baybee! Lots of stuff happens in this one, actually. It’s the least worst episode we’ve had in a while! What a treat! This episode is like the pineapple on the Secret Life pizza. The pizza would arguably be better without it, but at least it’s something that goes on a pizza sometimes. The rest of the pizza toppings are like… orange slices and peppermints. George starts spinning yet another web of lies BECAUSE WHY NOT, Adrian is sad, Lauren’s character gets assassinated, and Tom, uh. Well! Tom! This week, we share our favorite raisin bran wine pairings. Tom!

Sam – https://twitter.com/posistress Jordan – https://twitter.com/BradypusRex