EPISODE 25: Dope Therapy Lion

EPISODE 25: Dope Therapy Lion
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Hosts: Sara SunhatZhenya, Satah
Premiered: April 6, 2018

Well, Lulu did in fact morph her leg into a broken one! But she’s back now, and is extremely slowly de-morphing. Hopefully she doesn’t get stuck like this! Anyways, we have the first episode that Lulu actually liked! Wow! Some top quality acting out of Shawn Ashmore here.

In addition to this stellar two-part episode of television, we also discussed Lulu’s New Name, Violet Trout, CheezyTits’s Cassie Slander, Driver’s License Will and Testament, Marco’s Star Wars Rage, The Andalite Dictionary, Youtube Poop Retrospective, and a Garold Cameo!

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