EPISODE 26: A Flower Pretending To Be A Snake

EPISODE 26: A Flower Pretending To Be A Snake
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Hosts: Sara SunhatZhenya, Satah
Premiered: April 13, 2018

The rumour come out: does Satah is correct? Yes. Absolutely. This a good TV show, and finally, all of the hosts agree. There will be no take-backs. Today we’re talking about Animorphs S01E11, in which the protagonist is inexplicably swapped, and then semi-explicably croc’d. On the “Does Tobias exist?” chart, this one ranks: sort of!

In addition to yet another great episode of this TV show, we discuss: Name Morphs, Coffee Crimes, Zoo Enclosure Logistics, Buffy Digression, Buffy Digression The Second And Also Third, Visser Three Is Banksy, Satah Has A Fucking Breakdown About A Pop Star Misidentification, Lllamas: They’re Good, Friendship Was The Lesson, Parallel Universes

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