EPISODE 115: Halloween (2007)

EPISODE 115: Halloween (2007)
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Hosts: Blair, Sara SunhatZhenya
Premiered: September 24, 2018

On this Schlocktober eve, the ghosts of Schlocktober past have occupied our hosts to make them way, way madder about this movie than it deserves. Join us as we recount Rob Zombie’s take on Halloween with potentially misplaced ire, as we ramp up into the monthlong celebration of garbage that is Schlocktober!

In addition to Michael Myers’s Second Coming, we also discussed Beerbaiting, Bad Edits, Motives?, Weird Music Selections, and A Schlocktober Preview!


  • The original Ace Attorney trilogy
  • The Paper Chase’s Now You Are One Of Us

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Thank you as always to Satah for our excellent intro and outro music, their music can be found at http://gaygothvibes.online!

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