EPISODE 123: The Love Witch

EPISODE 123: The Love Witch
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Hosts: Blair, Sara SunhatZhenya, Val
Premiered: November 26, 2018
This week on Fearbaiting, our hosts return from Thanksgiving gatherings with their families and gather around to give thanks, for horror movies. Joining them in these giving of thanks, Val Flightcub has tagged along to show them a new one – The Love Witch! It’s technically a horror movie, so it fits! We’re VERY thankful for it. We also discuss Childhood Fears, Steve Wozniak’s Double Life, Misandry Business, and Witch Bottles!
Thanks to Val for joining us! You can find them at flightcub on tumblr, and @flightcubb on twitter!
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Thanks as always to Satah for our incredible intro/outro music! You can find their music at gaygothvibes.online!