S3E20 – Ben Boink-a-Binch

S3E20 – Ben Boink-a-Binch
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Hosts: Jordan, Sam
Premiered: December 29, 2018

Hey, teens! It’s S03E20, “Moving In and Out”, and we’re getting to the bottom of things this week. Whose show is this? Who’s writing what? Who’s in charge of the music? Join us as we dive deeper into the production rabbit hole than ever before, which is still not very deep but it’s still deeper than ever before. It’s a new era of Juergen’ It: the era where we check who writes each episode! This week, it’s Paul’s world and we’re just living in it. See you next week, Brenda!

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(Check our YouTube channel for a clip of the blatant retcon in the Previously On!)