34 – Harvard Gender School

34 – Harvard Gender School
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Hosts: Alex, Josh, Stephanie
Premiered: March 17, 2019

CW: Talk about bones breaking for a couple minutes in the questions section (the question is about this subject so you’ll know when it’s coming!)

This week your hosts have braved a truly awful episode of Sex and the City for you. We even dragged in a very special guest to suffer with us, friend of the show Josh! The episode of the week is season 3 episode 4, Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl… and hoo boy, the title is just the tip of the iceberg. Carrie dates a bisexual man, Charlotte does drag, and as you can imagine the writers handle both of these topics with absolutely no problems that make us want to die. Meanwhile, Miranda freaks out about domesticity with Steve, and your hosts discuss ancient internet culture that Alex was too baby for.

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