069 – Custody For Alex’s Pussy Ladder Match


We made it to the funnie sex number!!!!!! And obviously for the occasion we HAD to have friend of the show, guest of the show, the wonderful Sara on. The episode is season 5 episode 3, Luck Be an Old Lady. We’re in Atlantic City babybee!!!! The gals head out for a fun casino romp, except Evil Steve almost stops them with his terrible dadness, and Charlotte’s birthday has her feeling like an old maid. Meanwhile, we discuss things that are more important, like Jim Carrey’s filmography and which wrestlers can compete for Alex’s pussy.

068 – You’re Born Cancelled and Then You Have to Jameela Jamil Back to Heaven


Y’all ever heard of Catholics? Anyway, this week on CGMD we’re discussing season 5 episode 2, Unoriginal Sin. While Charlotte is manifesting, the rest of the gals are cynical and grumpy. Samantha is back with Richard (bluh) and giving him hell for his crimes, and Miranda is dealing with Steve’s Catholic bullshit that she hates. Meanwhile, Carrie??? Is getting a book deal???????? Extremely fake but okay.

067 – No Big, No Aidan, Just Vibes


Hello season 5! It’s a light one this week with really no significance to the overall plot of the show. We watched season 5 episode 1, Anchors Away, and were mostly just disappointed that the girls support the troops. Also, that they think the objectively ugliest uniform (sailor) is hot. BUT we’re also super proud of Samantha in her best moment of the series, and impressed at Miranda’s nipples. Tits ahoy!

066 – All Horses are Preps


Season 4 is over and Brady Brady is finally here! Plus, Big is gone (for now!)! The episode of the week is season 4 episode 18, I Heart NY, and we heart to see it. But on the two hand, we hate Richard and also preps. And horses! A lot of things are the same as always, but we can also look forward to a season 5 where Big lives in California and Joey Friends is picking up women at ground zero. Let’s have a kiki!

065 – Twinkletto the Fashion Cat


Our long anticipated return from holiday is finally here! One of us saw Cats (2019) and loved it, and the other one of us is having a stroke. Listen to find out who is who! This week we watched the penultimate episode of season 4: A ‘Vogue’ Idea. Carrie is struggling with her new job at Vogue, Miranda is struggling with preparing for motherhood, and we’re struggling with every mention of dads and daddies.

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064 – Miranda was Cersei


This week we’re joined by friend of the show Morg to talk about season 4 episode 16, Ring a Ding Ding! This episode is all about money and gifts, and also about deciding who’s less valid between the person who is rich for doing nothing or the person who is poor for spending $40000 on shoes. Meanwhile, Carrie is coping with her breakup, Sam pulls a joker’s dick on Richard, and Mr Big gives Carrie $30.

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063 – Bukkake Necklace


Welcome to the Hans Gruber fanclub! Alan Rickman stans only! We get a bit derailed this week trying to talk about season 4 episode 15, Change of a Dress… but it’s fine. Season 4 is coming to an end and so are all our favourite(?) relationships. On the two hand, we kin Miranda and her lack of excitement over learning about her baby’s genitals. Shoutout to James Remar for having a face we like to see!

062 – Country Anime Boys Make Do


The gays are at it again this week! But between gay clubs, gay porn, and Stanford constantly appearing out of nowhere as Carrie’s guardian angel, there’s still plenty of room for the Straights to be on their bullshit in season 4 episode 14, All That Glitters. Charlotte and Trey complete the last step of the Dennis System, Samantha has a feeling, and Aidan has an ideal Saturday night.

061 – Chekhov’s Cardboard Cutout of a Baby


Gamers………….. the moment we’ve been waiting over 60 episodes for is finally here. Kyle MacLachlan shows us his second funniest prank, and we hate to see it. For the occasion, we brought in Kyle MacLachlan lover and good friend of the show Jess to help dissect season 4 episode 13 (happy homestuck episode!): The Good Fight. Charlotte steals the show this week, but we also get a once-in-a-series visible dick moment that we CANNOT help but hoot and holler over. Meanwhile, Carrie is evil, hates Pete, and wears a hideous shirt.

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Episode 015 – Pokémon Sword and Shield Roundtable Discussion


Hey folks! The dawn of the final hours are before us and Matt sat down with friends of the show Stephanie, Max and WeedLordVegeta to talk about all things positive and negative about Sword and Shield before the game launches proper in North America.

This episode contains spoilers for unrevelealed portions of the Galar Dex and information about the game, such as Gym Leaders, which may be considered spoilers to some so tread at your own risk.

This episode was also fully recorded by a web-hosted recording bot for simplicity, and thus will have occasional blips in the audio.

Our new art was made by Golurk and our opening theme music is, as always, the unimpeachable Pokémon Gold/Silver Surf music by Junichi Masuda and Go Ichinose. Closing theme this episode is the Sword and Shield battle theme penned by Toby Fox.

A link that relates to a topic of discussion is this excellent article by Patricia Hernandez at Polygon about the #GameFreakLies hashtag.