Walden Academy: Oddity High Character Creation

Walden Academy: Oddity High Character Creation
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Hosts: Argyle, Dan, Max, Sarah
Premiered: June 30, 2019

We plan out our characters and the setting for our upcoming game of Oddity High! Note that while this session is unedited, the game itself will be heavily edited both for time and for substance, because we all know how boring actual plays can be.

Oddity High is an upcoming PBTA tabletop game which allows you to make your very own anime high school student, using playbooks modeled after many of the archetypes you might recognize from some of your favorite shows! Since we’re group of dorks with a Yu-Gi-Oh! podcast, you might be able to see why we were so interested in playing it. We’re playing from a pre-release gamebook given to Kickstarter backers, so keep in mind there may be minor changes between now and when the game is officially released.

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GM (AKA Lead Writer): Sarah

Players: Argyle, Dan, and Max