75 – My Friend, Racist

75 – My Friend, Racist
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Hosts: Alex, Caroline
Premiered: August 17, 2019

It’s a doozy this week folks! Caroline and Alex dive deep into a discussion of the completely normal circumstances of Epstein’s death, as well as some details about his life. So, content warning for discussion of child sexual assault and trafficking throughout. There are lighter topics though! Topics like the president yelling at the tv! Topics like the British government’s anti-knife crime advertisements! You’ll never guess where they put them unracistly. Tune in to find out, and don’t forget to leave an acorn on your windowsill for your neighbour Racist [editor’s note: i forgot the plot of my neighbour totoro so that last one’s just a guess]

Featuring: Alex and Caroline
Edited by alex

Music used:
Evil Men – The Taxpayers
Give Us A Mystery – Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen