Episode 7: Takoyaki Bell

Episode 7: Takoyaki Bell
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Hosts: Argyle, Jordan
Premiered: April 24, 2020

Mmm! What’s that smell? Smells like piping hot fried octopus balls, brushed with an unctuous sauce, striped with creamy mayonnaise, and sprinkled with savory bonito. What’re those things called again? Cinnabon Delights? We’re talking about Chapter 7 of Yakuza 0: A Dark Escape. This week, we’re discovering a whole new way to knock someone out, beginning our Cabaret Club adventure, and seeing a whole new side of Wen Hai Lee. On the side, we get wrapped up in dubious medical testing and meet a man with a stranger’s face and a very particular set of skills. Grab me a Baja Blast when you head out!

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