EPISODE 174: Unfriended: Dark Web

EPISODE 174: Unfriended: Dark Web
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Hosts: Maxie, Sara SunhatZhenya
Premiered: July 13, 2020

Fearbaiting is the number one hacker podcast in the world, and as such we’ve drilled into the mainframe of your phone or computer or whatever you’re listening to this on. Using our cool hacker skills, we’ve covertly planted this episode about Unfriended: Dark Web featuring friend of the podcast Maxie (@MaxieSatan) into your podcatcher, so now you have no choice but to listen to us talk about our cool bitcoin knowledge, our great british accents, and our opinions on how this movie definitely should’ve been, like, five other better movies.

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Intro/outro music by Satah who makes music under the name people you meet outside of bars, for more tunes head over to gaygothvibes.online!

Edited by Sara, who is too tired to think of a funny thing to say here.