1.27 – The Great Podcast Show

1.27 – The Great Podcast Show
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Hosts: Derek, Isabelle
Premiered: November 24, 2020

A little bit of inside baseball for you, sports fans: when Isabelle sent Derek the edited version of the show, she titled it “The One Where It Goes Off the Rails.” What could possibly have made the longest episode of the show to date disintegrate in such a way? Could it have something to with the giant detours (Sasha Grey: Cinephile, the tragedy of Kelsey Grammer, the “Reverse Roger Deakins,” a class project gone horribly wrong, the legacy of Current TV) that our intrepid duo take while talking about a rock-solid quartet of participants? Listen to what is shaping up to be another classic episode and find out!

This week’s matchups:
M v. How to Train Your Dragon
Memento v. Spotlight

NOTE: Re: Precious, yes, we know that Mo’Nique in fact won the Academy award for Best Supporting Actress while Gabourey Sidibe was nominated for Best Actress but lost. Don’t worry about it.

Five Favorite Films with Adult Film Star Sasha Grey | Rotten Tomatoes

See the bracket [SPOILERS AHEAD]
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