EPISODE 191: The Strangers

EPISODE 191: The Strangers
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Hosts: Robyn, Sara SunhatZhenya
Premiered: December 28, 2020

Okay, so, Oshi No Ko is like about this doctor guy who’s like a huuuge fan of uh, you know what idols are, right? Like, Japanese idol culture, scene, thing— no, no, no, it’s like… you know K-pop? Yeah, okay, yes, so it’s sorta like that plus like… child actors and stuff. Right, right. Anyway, so, yeah, this doctor guy, really into idol culture, it’s like a huge thing, and he lives out in the sticks, right? So it’s a huge to do when his favorite idol ends up at his hospital gregnant— what? Oh, um, it’s like an Internet thing, no, never mind, she’s just pregnant. “With child,” or whatever, yeah, but the thing is her fans can’t know she’s pregnant bc it’d totally kill the illusion of being an idol or whatever, like it’s just bad for her reputation, they get into it, so he helps out but the thing is on the night she has the kids this doctor guy gets his throat slit— no, I know! That’s not even the most— listen, ok, so, he’s dead, except instead of dying he’s immediately reincarnated into the body of one of the twins this idol just had! SO—

Oh, hey, imagined third party in this made up conversation. Oh, right, yeah, so I guess we watched The Strangers this week. Remember that one? We had Lucy (@diplobrocus) on to talk about it! She’s a hoot. You should listen! Glenn Howerton’s in it. Yeah, yeah, they guy from— right, yeah, exactly.

Anyway, as I was saying, so this dude’s an infant, and you’d think they’d be weirder about it than they are, but—

Team Fortress 2

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