Episode 18 – The Cave of Dragonflies

Episode 18 – The Cave of Dragonflies
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Hosts: Dragonfree, Matt
Premiered: April 7, 2020

Elite Full Restore is back with an interview-style episode! This week we have on Dragonfree from The Cave of Dragonflies, one of the oldest and longest-standing Pokémon fan-sites around on the web. We talk about Fakemon, our shared internet past at Pokémon Treasures, her favourite Pokémon picker which everyone in the world uses and of course her 17-year-spanning fanfic The Quest For the Legends, which I’ve been reading since at least 2004. This and so much more!

If you have ideas for people we can have on the show or topics you think could sustain an hour discussion, please reach out on Twitter!

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That’s all for now, see you next time!

Further things to check out not linked above:

  • If the concept of a Scyther dating sim intrigues you, please check out Sutoraiku High immediately
  • If you want to look into the guts of R/B/Y to see how hilariously broken they could be, check out Dragonfree’s page on stat modification

Our art was made by Golurk and our opening theme music is, as always, the unimpeachable Pokémon Gold/Silver Surf music by Junichi Masuda and Go Ichinose. Closing theme this episode is the Gen 2 style demake of Ruby/Sapphire’s “Abandoned Ship” theme by Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm on Soundcloud.

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