S1E7 – Grandma That Says Poggers

S1E7 – Grandma That Says Poggers
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Hosts: Morg, Niamh, Sara SunhatZhenya
Premiered: April 9, 2022

Get ready, love will leave you cryin’! While this OVA hurt certain cohosts until their hearts were dyin’, we did manage to find enough high points to keep us relatively afloat amidst all the ill-conceived fanservice and grotesque mischaracterization. Along the way we discuss Gunpla, the many wonderful things you can do in New York City Da Big Apple, and the confusing ins and outs of the Tenchi Muyo franchise.

Special Intro/Outro music: All I Want – Crazy Taxi by SiIvaGunner

Cover Art: https://twitter.com/kaloliferart