Speeding Bullets: An Anniversary Actual Play

Speeding Bullets: An Anniversary Actual Play
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Hosts: Dan, Devon, Morg
Premiered: May 24, 2023

After two months of delay, we are proud to present an actual play of the Shadow the Hedgehog themed Lasers and Feeling hack, Speeding Bullets, featuring special guest Emory!

Pineapple the Squirell, Tank th Tuft Deer, and Crispy the Possum embark on a journey to find one man’s love. Also Sonic is fighting Robotnik but that’s not really important.

Speeding Bullets is by Princess Grace and can be downloaded for PWYW at https://bestgirlgrace.itch.io/speeding-bullets

The track used for Mildred the Mourning Dove’s morning song is by Docfuture and can be listened to here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yAGECigOOko

THIS WEEK: Speeding Bullets

NEXT WEEK: Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog

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