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Hosts: Audrey, Nero
Premiered: October 29, 2023

BADA BING BADA BOOM we’re back in the Mix(master) with Transformers Animated, and it’s time to meet some more new guys! Bumblebee gets into a rivalry with a cool blue street racer who surely will not turn out to be a named character any time in the future. Then Bulkhead meets some real blue collar guys who were quite literally born yesterday. Will he be able to guide his rough around the edges pals away from Megatron’s beguiling influence? Well since the episode is called "Rise of the Constructicons" probably not. Now sit the hell down, crack open some crude ones with the boys, chase some tailpipe, and- HEYY WE’RE PODCASTIN’ OVAH HEEEEEAH!!

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