Cup of Greed 2024 Announcement!

Cup of Greed 2024 Announcement!
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Premiered: May 3, 2024

The Cup of Greed is a LIGHTHEARTED FUN LEGACY YUGIOH TOURNAMENT we run every year!

It will be played with a 5D’s Era deck, and you will need a carefully handcrafted DUELSONA to play in the tournament!

DATES: Friday the 7th (afternoon) – Sunday the 9th of June (all day Saturday & Sunday)
TIMES: we’ll pair you up with people in your time zone to make scheduelling easier
PLACE: Streamed to the Pod of Greed twitch & hosted on the Pod of Greed discord

HOW TO ENTER: Sign up via THIS FORM (also available in our discord server), 16 places available, the form will close at the end of May, or whenever the bracket gets too full, whichever comes first. (NB there will be waitlist places available in case of drop outs)

Watch the previous years Cup of Greed here!

The regular hosts are here but more importantly so is Dr Cakey! Our Tournament supervisor!

Edited by Sarah jesis christ they really spent 4 entire minuites trying to count to 6

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