CoG week special! The Disappearances of Lydia Fountayne

CoG week special! The Disappearances of Lydia Fountayne
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Premiered: June 6, 2024

There’s no episode this week because we’re doing CoG all weekend (WATCH IT ON TWITCH HERE, SCHEDUEL HERE), so to fill the gap in the feed here is the audio drama that Audrey and Sarah have been plugging for the last few months!

Sarah directed it, Audrey is THEE cop-hating milf of all time in it , and it is live RIGHT NOW on Kickstarter!!!

We need cashmoney in order to make the rest of the show, and we also need you to TELL PEOPLE ABOUT HOW MUCH YOU LIKED THIS! If you did…. which you will.

Sarah has been hard at work in the Posting Mines over on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, so if you’ve accounts in those places PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Go there and retweet/share to story/repost.

oh and Moonshot has also been posting about it on Tumblr

My eternal gratitude for your support,

Watching: The Number Go Up on our Kickstarter HOPEFULLY

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