Episode 6: Set Foyer To The Rain

Episode 6: Set Foyer To The Rain
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Hosts: alex leafcrunch, Lydia
Premiered: January 11, 2016

We’re back! Still reading Homestuck, which is still a big, sprawling, free-to-read multimedia comic-esque work of fiction by one Andrew Hussie.

This week we read pages 2411 to 2513 – in which John apparently becomes a man, Rose writes a lovely poem about puppet dong, and a weird, protracted Saw parody begins.

For your reference, entertainment and/or edification:

Next week: we read pages 2514 to 2659, in which John learns alchemy (for real this time, I checked), WV messes with some big weird science, and we reach the end of Act 2!

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Intro music: “Showtime (Original Mix)” – Malcolm Brown
Outro music: “Showtime (Piano Refrain)” – Malcolm Brown, arranged and performed by Kevin Regamey
Both from Homestuck Vol 1-4, listen and purchase on Bandcamp!

Thank you Andrew Hussie!