Henry Kissinger Is Pokemon Going To Die

Not a threat, just a fact!

96 – The Entire Country Would Become The Damn Joker

Folks, we may be stuck at Pokémon HOME for the foreseeable future but you can’t deny that soon we’ll be Pokémon Laughing All The Way To The Polls! Join Sara, Val, Matt and the triumphantly returning Caroline for a definitely not pre-recorded livestream because they have all definitely still been alive for the past week. The celebs are at it again, animal crossing stonks are the only ones that matter anymore, and most importantly we reveal the official ice cream of the show. Also they talk about Joe Stories and him being dead a lot but they never say “Joe”st…

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Cats (2019)

In this very special episode, Henry Kissinger is Pokemon Going to The Movies! Our discord streamed Cats (2019), and we just had to record an episode about it. Sam, Sara, Matt, and Val have a lot to discuss, and a lot to learn about cats- are they dogs? Tune in to find out!Edited by Val.

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95 – Making the Money Sad

Social distancing can’t stop us from podcasting, baby! Sara and Matt are here this week to learn about what good polls are like, relish the death of the original Bitcoin, and talk about some comforting anime in this trying time!Hosted by Sara and Matt Edited by Sara!Music used: The Taxpayers – Evil Men Jeff Rosenstock – You, In Weird Cities

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94 – DNC, The Ball’s In Your Court, And It’s Time To Play H.O.R.S.E.

Can we get some Fs in the chat for the bevy of presidential hopefuls who suspended their campaigns last week? Can we ask ourselves which other adjectives can be used to describe a Tuesday? Can we abolish a country that’s really just three mining companies in a trenchcoat? We’ll take your lack of response as a yes.Hosted by Val, Matt, alex Edited by alex alsoMusic used: The Taxpayers – Evil Men Panic! At The Disco – High Hopes 

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93 – Our Date With Sonic

In this week’s snackable episode, Sara and Val discuss: Mike Bloombefg, Bernard Sanders, the ongoing Wet’suwet’en protests, twitter, and why Sonic the hedgehog has a micropenis. They kick off the episode with that last one, actually.Hosted by Val and Sara Edited by ValMusic Used: Evil Men – The Taxpayers Hall of Mirrors – Capercaillie (aka our very own ScotMatt! )

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92 – TreeWrap% Tesla Speed Run

Hey folks! It turns out you didn’t subscribe to the full version of HENRY KISSINGER IS POKEMON GOING TO DIE so we have remotely deleted your phone’s contents, courtesy of Tesla!Main topics this week include the Iowa Caucus and subsequent debate (🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀🐀 #RatMode #BuyingGuide #LatestHoverboards #Swegway #SaturdayMorningVibes) and Canada perpetuating significant colonial violence in support of fossil capital. We love it! Relevant links shared on the Twitter but please follow @ricochet_en for updates on this one.Hosted by Sara, Matt (who edited), and Val.Music used: The Taxpayers – Evil Men chelmico – Easy BreezyEditing note: Matt showed up late, Sara had…

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91 – I Am Once Again Asking You To Click Like

What ghostly horde do i see cresting over yonder hill? It’s a four-person episode of Henry Kissinger is Pokémon GOing to Die! Well, at least for part of it. Who’s peach? Where’s Saskatchewan? Is Spain okay? Find out the answers to these questions and more by tuning in now!For your viewing pleasure, the normal image of the president discussed around the 48:30 minute markHosted by Sara, Matt, Matt, and Val Edited by alexMusic used: The Taxpayers – Evil Men Stormzy – Still Disappointed 

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90 – The Day Detroit Became Human

This week, Zoey hosts a fun round of The Price is Wrong with Val and Sara. Come along with us as we learn all about the hidden world of historical(?) fiction on Am*zon! Our hosts also discuss Jeff Bezos, impeach time, people who do and don’t like Bernie Sanders, and Pete B’s own “please clap” moment.Hosted by Zoey, Sara, and Val who edited alsoMusic used: Evil Men – The TaxpayersJeb Bush “Please Clap” Ringtone – spkheller 

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89 – Dinero Targaryen

Live from a toilet at the bottom of a well! It’s alex leafcrunch! Val is also here but they sound normal. Imagine they’re sitting on the sill of the well and keeping her company so she doesn’t feel so alone down there. It’s just like that one episode of the Simpsons. The dynamic two-o give you the lowdown on your soon-to-be-favourite sovereign songwriter city-state, your already-favourite presidential paper purveyor Parnas, your anti-favourite car clasping clam contraption, and more. We also solve Game of Thrones (the answer is Dinero Targaryen). Just goes to show, there’s lots of time for solving life’s…

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88 – Some Macklemore News

Rejoice, listeners, your long national nightmare is over! Henry Kissinger is Pokemon GOing to Die returns to the fray after taking a month to rest off the burnout. We return with a slightly tweaked format, but don’t worry, someone says “Peepee Poopoo Johnson” at some point and Sara talks about Nancy Pelosi doing orange justice so not that much has changed. In addition, Roy ponders what Bitch McTurtle is up to, Matt Gamecube considers the dearth of actual left-wing media, and Sam saunters back into the podcast for a little round of the ol’ Movieball!Music used: The Taxpayers – Evil…

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