Henry Kissinger Is Pokemon Going To Die

Not a threat, just a fact!

112 – Flora and Fauna Fanclub

Hey, cool kids! After a uhhhh 90 day retreat into the danger zone, HKIP is back to deliver our wacky verbal crimes via the power of RSS (real silly shit). Join Sara, Val, and John in the Flora and Fauna Fanclub (also, we talk about things)! Topics this week: Joe Biden: trans ally? (no) Anti-trans bills What is pipehitting? Independence Day Justin Trudeau Retire Bitch Best in Show Winner Wasabi (cryptid) Flora and Fauna Lightbringers: Re:Zero DIY Crafts Post 10 Featuring: Sara, Val, and John who also edited. Intro: The Taxpayers - Evil Men Outro: Kamala Harris - Don't Cum…

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111 – Miami Heated Gamer Moment

We're baaack! Sara, John and Val shake off the rust to discuss our new President, Joe Biding His Time, aka Joe Bidet-n, and whatever the hell a Parliamentarian is. Other topics include New York politician scandals, land defenders, Mr.s Foot and Boot, and an athlete's oopsie (extremely offensive) stream word. Warnings, we discuss bidets and ...their function... in the beginning of the episode, which only gets a little bit graphic. Featuring: Sara, John, and Val who also edited. Supplemental links: Maki Itoh 1492 GoFundMe Legal Fund Braided Warriors Intro: The Taxpayers - Evil Men Outro: Unknown P - Piers Morgan…

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110 – Nintendonald 64

Well, it actually happened. President Wario has been forced to retire, both from the presidency and from posting. In honor of our least favorite game show host/pile of rancid old yogurt in a suit, we've compiled a list of 64 of his most iconic, bewildering, "jesus christ this guy was really the president, huh" moments and created a bracket. What will be the defining moment of the Trump era? When the dust settles, what will be Donald Trump's ultimate legacy? Let's find out together! Featuring: Sara, Sam, Val, John, elizabeth leafcrunch, and Roy. Edited by Sam. Intro: Wario Land 3…

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109 – A Bullet Journal For Your Anime

We did it! We successfully posted our way through 2020. Thank you for sticking through it with us. On this episode, Sara, Alex Leafcrunch, and John talk about holding the defense budget hostage for $2,000 ransom, Pretendians, Daddy Doug Ford, #carp, and 2020 in general! Sorry! Featuring: Sara, alex leafcrunch, and John. Edited by John. Intro: The Taxpayers - Evil Men Outro: Daft Punk - Doin' it Right Synth Cover & Daft Punk - doin it right [HHHgreg remix] Noise Space | Twitter

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108 – Weed Sports Resort

Well, the election happened I guess! Matt, Sara and Val talk about that for a bit before John heard us talking about Indigenous issues without him and joined us for an update on the Mi'kmaq lobster fisheries. Also Canada's stupidest culture war is back with a vengeance! Featuring: Matt, Sara, Val and special guest John. Edited by Matt. Intro: The Taxpayers - Evil Men Outro: Gabe Gundacker - Wii Volleyball

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107 – Dimply Put

"Oops! (Almost) All Lightbringers!" This week, Val and alex talk about politics and news, for a little while. Topics include the American vice presidential debates, and the funny American president having the virus. Then, for the majority of the episode, they talk about things that have been making them feel happy. Intro: The Taxpayers - Evil Men Outro: Over The Garden Wall - Adelaide Parade

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106 – Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good McDonald’s

Bit of a bummer one this week, folks! Val and Sara are here to talk a lot about RBG's tragic death at the hooves (and horns) of a rampaging bull and the politicking that has followed the opening up of her seat on the supreme court. We also take a bit of time to discuss the literal actual genocide happening at the hands of ICE and settlers trying to brute force Mi'kmaq fishers out of their extremely legal fishing grounds. But on the bright side: the GarfieldEats guy is making a Quibi about GarfieldEats! And also, they want to sell…

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105 – Shrek’s Dick Candle [POTENTIAL DISINFORMATION]

Matt and Sara discuss the very truthful subjects of windmilling a pissballoon off your dick to own cops, salon entrapment, Pig Poop Balls, the Biden campaign shrinking into a corncob, and Joe Kennedy III making car crash history, which his family loves to do. They also discuss more serious topics like what's happening in Rochester NY right now, but let's be honest, we had you at "windmilling a pissballoon." Edited by Val, who also thinks Joe Kennedy III sucks. Intro Music is Evil Men by the Taxpayers Outro Music is a bit cursed but based of a Weezer song, censored…

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Dig Doug Your Own Grave Fordnite

In a special bonus episode, Sara and alex are joined by friend of the show John for a deep dive into the conflict between Haudenosaunee land defenders and Ontario land developers at Six Nations of the Grand River Reserve, as well as the centuries of historical events that provide context. If that sounds way too serious for HKIPGTD, don’t worry! It’s still got jokes in it!! Look at the title!!! (Note: alex says in the episode that she's going to throw it up on the patreon feed, but decided to put it in the main feed as a bonus episode…

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104 – A Period of Extreme Problem

Hello fellow Democrats! Welcome back to HKIPGTD where we're definitely excited for the DNC!! Caroline gives an update on the big beautiful boat rallies of Portland, Sara talks the mail which no one is talking about at all, why is no one talking about the mail? Meanwhile the only Canada story Matt can summon is about a cigar-smoking sock puppet. No like, a literal sock. It's very stupid. Anyway, the Joe Biden song? I'm just going to retweet it instead of putting it in the episode. Also it's not a threat. Featuring Sara, Caroline and Matt. Edited by Matt. Music…

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