Kyle X Why?

S4E1 – Charging My Therapy Bomb

We're back! This week, we start our first season 4 fanfic, "Kyle XY: The Untold Story" by user Olg G. Unlike the Secret Life season 6 fanfic we read on Juergen' It, neither of us have read this one at all yet! Will it be funny? Will it be good? Yes! Thank god! Sam | Jordan Twitter | Patreon | Discord | YouTube


S3E10 – Restore This, Zzyzx!

For better or worse, it's over! In this jumbo gigantic episode, we break down what turned out to be the finale of Kyle XY, S03E10, "Bringing Down the House", plus the DVD special feature "Kyle XY: Future Revealed". Was the finale good? No! Oops! We also discuss our overall feelings on the whole show, surprise favorites, missed opportunities, and the Vampiros we forgot along the way. Finally, for all the Aquabats fans out there, Jordan debuts his new epic gamer parody song... and I guess that's it! Unless some enterprising young fanfic author out there has taken the time to…

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S3E9 – Fast Casual Cobbler

Somehow, it's almost over! This week, we watched the second last episode: S03E09, "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner". They already did it in season 2 with Ballantine, but let's do it again with Cassidy I guess? Season 3 is not very good, it turns out, unless you're first and foremost a Josh Trager fan. Too much Josh, not enough Foss. Oh well! I'm sure next season will be better! Sam | Jordan Twitter | Patreon | Discord | YouTube

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S3E8 – Xboxalopithecus Erectus and the Rare Hetero Sapien

IMDB told us this was the third best episode of Kyle XY, so we've got friends of the show Val and Giga joining us to talk about the very Big Episode of S03E08, "The Tell-Tale Heart"! Is it as good as the IMDB score suggests? Kessi shippers certainly think so! Good thing we don't know anyone like that! Anyway, I wonder if Michael Cassidy is a villain or just a cool RA? Sam | Jordan | Val | Gigalithic Twitter | Patreon | Discord | YouTube

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S3E7 – 4Hup Club

In the preantepenultimate (I looked it up) episode of Kyle XY, S03E07, "Chemistry 101", a lot of things happen. Here are some of them: Kyle begs Cassidy to let Jessi join Latnok. Kyle and Jessi plan a pheromone party with magic crystals. Andy catfishes a girl on Coolzone to set Josh up with a new girlfriend after she leaves. Tom Foss isn't in it. Stephen and Nicole are also not in it. There are three episodes after this. Where is Hillary?! Sam | Jordan Twitter | Patreon | Discord | YouTube

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S3E6 – Boysa and Girlsa

Now here's an episode to hurt your brains! It's S03E06, "Welcome to Latnok"! You know how we've spent the entire show dealing with Latnok and their various subgroups, and how it's well-established that they're a shadowy cultish organization with symbolic rings named after the prophet who they believe will lead mankind into a brighter future? Well, what if instead of that, they were the Burger King Kids Club? And Kyle had to compete in a hoverboard building competition against a jealous regular? Would that be good? Listen and find out! Sam | Jordan Twitter | Patreon | Discord | YouTube

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S3E5 – Kyle, M.D.

I hope you're ready to experience car crash, because this week we're talking about S03E05, "Life Support"! It's like two episodes got car crashed together! First, we have a funny episode about Kyle and Josh delivering a stranger's baby while Jessi and Stephen play scrabble. After that, we shift gears very suddenly to a serious medical drama about Nicole in the ICU. I can't keep up! At least Andy is okay! Sam | Jordan Twitter | Patreon | Discord | YouTube

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S3E4 – Wupweeweeanna

It's the episode we've all been waiting for: the one where Kyle XY calls himself "Kyle XY", AKA S03E04, "In the Company of Men"! We're joined by Erin and Jesse of Secret Life of Two Gay American Teenagers to break down this ridiculous episode, similar to how Impound Man tried to break down three teenagers by swinging a chain at them and shooting them with a gun. Also, more Mark/Lori stuff! It really makes you wish they'd bring back Leclan, huh? Sam | Jordan | Erin | Jesse Twitter | Patreon | Discord | YouTube

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S3E3 – Let Amanda Talk Now! Okay, Kyle?

We're mad at Kyle this week. It's S03E03, "Electric Kiss", and Kyle decided to be a real jerk. Jessi is living with the Tragers, and Amanda has a big piano recital coming up. She's very stressed about Kessi, not to mention the mysterious brain pains she's had since prom night. What's Kyle's remarkable plan to help his girlfriend while strengthening her trust in him? Well, maybe a practice kiss with Jessi will help. Oh, Kyle. Meanwhile, josh has gone full Cyberseduction: His Secret Life. Good luck with that one, Stephen and Nicole! Sam | Jordan Twitter | Patreon | Discord…

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S3E2 – A Shagadelic Austin Powers Accent

I'm going to make a prediction right now. When the white rabbit swims at midnight... you will listen to this episode of Kyle X Why? This week, we're watching S03E02, "Psychic Friend". What could that title mean, I wonder? Well, Kyle and company are going to the seventh or eighth fair of the series, and there's a psychic there. Wow! Will her predictions come true? Will Kyle finally stop being the worst boyfriend ever? How many times will Jordan read the Wikipedia article for the band Faber Drive? The psychics in the audience already know, but the rest of you…

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