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S1E40 – Epic Ricky

After an agonizing wait of four weeks, we're finally going to learn about the backstory of the series 2 finale! We're heading to Pete's World for series 2 episode 6, "The Age of Steel"! Where did all of those Cybermen come from, anyway? Were any of them Parallel Jackie? We weren't asking these questions, but we'll get the answers. More importantly, we'll find out why Mickey was cool! Sam | Jordan Cohost | Tumblr | Twitter | Patreon | Discord | YouTube


S1E39 – The Experience of Being Killed Is Not Fun. But,

Two episodes in a row of Twelfth Doctor and Bill! In series 10 episode 8, "The Lie of the Land", we're getting some big answers, and for once on this podcast it's actually happening when we know what the questions are. Will the Doctor get his sight back after Oxygen? What's in that big scary vault? What's the worst thing the Doctor has done to a companion (so far)? Also, this episode features a special guest: a Monk, silently watching and smiling at our jokes! Same as every other episode! Sam | Jordan Cohost | Tumblr | Twitter | Patreon…


S1E38 – Society If Brains Were Dry

We've got a great episode for you this week! 😀 It's series 10 episode 2, "Smile"! 😀 This is such a fantastic episode, and we truly loved every second of it! 😀 It's got everything you could want: thrills, chills, kills, and some political themes that are as well-executed as the colonists on [checks Tardis Wiki] Gliese 581d! 😀 Magic haddock! Haha! 😀 Please don't hurt us! 😀 Sam | Jordan Cohost | Tumblr | Twitter | Patreon | Discord | YouTube

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S1E37 – The Battle of Burlap-on-Straw

Don't get too excited, blood enjoyers... we may be watching series 3 episode 9, "The Family of Blood", but there's nary a drop to be found here! I guess the BBC weren't too thrilled about having a bunch of children firing machine guns at unarmed men, so they made them into scarecrows instead. They should call this episode "The Family of Straw" if you ask me! Haha! Anyway, this episode is about how Martha deserves better. Sam | Jordan Twitter | Cohost | Tumblr | Patreon | Discord | YouTube

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S1E36 – Epic Mickey

We're going back for more How Rose Died! It's series 2 episode 13, "Doomsday", the part 2 of "Army of Ghosts"! The planet is at a critical mass of funny robot guys who want us all dead. We're finally going to learn what that plunger do, which is a real shame for the guy who gets plunged! Turns out Daleks are no joke, despite everything about them. Can the same be said for the Cybermen? We'll leave that to the two factions to decide, in the robo roast battle we didn't know we needed in our lives! Sam | Jordan…

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S1E35 – The Most Important Wi-Fi Password in the Universe

Hey, what's going on here? Am I watching an episode of House of the Dragon? No, it's just series 7 episode 6, "The Bells of Saint John"! The Eleventh Doctor is doing some funny monk cosplay and then oops never mind no he isn't. We were all getting excited for a fun time travel story but then he had to go do tech support for Clara. What if people were getting trapped in the Wi-Fi? Would that really be so different from how we live today? Whoa... just kidding, that's not what this episode is about at all. It's literally…

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S1E34 – Early Whittaker Strats

We've got a 100% success rate on Bill's Gambit so far! This week, we're watching series 10 episode 5, "Oxygen", and it's great! Sometimes this show really tricks you into thinking it's good by being good. Let's enjoy a tense space adventure with not-exactly-zombies and try not to worry about how good or bad the show might be next week. Also, play Hardspace: Shipbreaker! Sam | Jordan Twitter | Cohost | Tumblr | Patreon | Discord | YouTube

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S1E33 – War on God Mountain

We're heading back to the Satan Pit, and then back a little bit more, to watch series 2 episode 8, "The Impossible Planet"! It's our first time completing a two-parter on this podcast, so it's fitting that it would be the part 1. We'll try our best to be shocked as characters who weren't in part 2 die! We'll also try to forget that the resolution of the Ood is no good. Maybe we're misremembering what happens to all of them in the end! Maybe they're all chilling on Margaritulon 9! Sam | Jordan Twitter | Cohost | Tumblr |…

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S1E32 – Pronouns in Name

We're back, finally, watching our first episode of series 9, finally, with a guest, finally! Friend of the Show Roy joins us to discuss series 9 episode 6, "The Woman Who Lived"! What would happen if the Twelfth Doctor gave the gift of immortality to Maisie Williams? What if immortality was not a gift... but a curse? What if you could delay your execution by making dick jokes to a crowd of angry peasants? This episode has a lot of ideas, and a kitty cat man. Sam | Jordan | Roy Twitter | Cohost | Tumblr | Patreon | Discord…

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S1E31 – Blurse Our Wedding

We've got a good one this week! Series 11 episode 6, "Demons of the Punjab", an episode that dares to ask, "what if Yaz got to be the main character?" Well, not really, but almost! The Tardis Team(?!?!) are going back to 1947, moments before the announcement of the Partition of India, to investigate the mystery of her grandma's watch that we saw that one time. Just who are the titular demons? The answer may surprise you! Sam | Jordan Twitter | Cohost | Tumblr | Patreon | Discord | YouTube

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