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S1E6 – Yippee Ki-Yay, Funny Robots

This week, on a very sticky episode of Doctor Huh, we watched series 11 episode 10, "The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos"! It's our second encounter with the Thirteenth Doctor, and we were told by the foolish TV reviewers of 2018 that we wouldn't like it very much. How wrong they were! That's right, we've got a surprise hit on our hands! Maybe it's not good when you're watching normally, but that's none of our business. Sam | Jordan Twitter | Patreon | Discord | YouTube



We've got another flesh-related Eleventh Doctor episode! It's series 5 episode 5, "Flesh and Stone", featuring the famous Weeping Angels we've all heard so much about! This is a beloved episode, but will we belove it? Also, will Sam be able to make heads or tails of River Song? Maybe! Don't tell us either way! Sam | Jordan Twitter | Patreon | Discord | YouTube


S1E4 – Dipsy Has the Kompromat

Big episode this week! The random number generator has sent us to our first David Tennant episode, series 2 episode 12, "Army of Ghosts"! We've got Cybermen, we've got Daleks, we've got Torchwood, we've got EastEnders... we've even got "allons-y, Alonso!" So many firsts, and that's not even mentioning the first ever ghost elected to Parliament! Way to go, Leeds! The UK is having an awesome week! Sam | Jordan Twitter | Patreon | Discord | YouTube

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S1E3 – Boy the Cannons

Ahoy! Talk Like a Pirate Day came early this year, (or late? I don't know when it is) because this week we're talking about Doctor Who 2022 special #2, "Legend of the Sea Devils"! This is a very recent episode, featuring Jodie Whittakré, as Jordan has decided to call her for some reason. Will the Thirteenth Doctor prove herself an old salt and join our crew of hearties? Or will she be a scurvy dog, scupper our jibs and leave us keelhauling our peg legs? Good thing we had so much time on our last podcast to practice our pirate…

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S1E2 – Ginals and Gangers

The true Doctor Who experience begins here, I'm told, as we watch our first episode featuring a large amount of goop, glop, slime, and gunge. It's series 6 episode 5, "The Rebel Flesh", and it's a good one! It's a classic sci-fi premise, executed in a cool and creepy way, with relatively okay visual effects. Could this show be... good?! If you could just make the Doctor a little less annoying, maybe this show could have some real cultural staying power! Sam | Jordan Twitter | Patreon | Discord | YouTube

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S1E1 – The Button That Makes It Good

Uh oh! Oh no! We're back with a new podcast. Not content with the mostly-forgotten ABC Family dramas we've built our brand on, we've decided to go for one of the biggest franchises around: Doctor Who! Every week, we'll be watching a random episode of (modern) Doctor Who, and we're starting with series 5 episode 2, "The Beast Below"! It's weird, and it's a mess, and the Eleventh Doctor is extremely Tumblr quirky, but we kind of liked it! ...Besides hearing about the Doctor's weird sexual history! Sam | Jordan Twitter | Patreon | Discord | YouTube

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As part of their eternal quest to experience media in only the smartest ways possible, Sam and Jordan watch a randomly-selected episode of Doctor Who every week.