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98: These Edibles Aint Shit Mr Kaiba

Joey, Link, and Zelda continue their journey through Alexander the Great's Floor Map. During their travels they will pass through not-yet-loaded areas of the game, read some slowly improving poetry, and discover that Heart is Stored In The Balls. Watching Yu-Gi-Oh Capsule Monsters - s5 e19 & 20 With Dan, Max, Elliott, and special quest Quinn! (Faer Soundcloud and Insta)

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97: America’s Funniest Home Yugiohs

We're really in the thick of it now, duelists! It's Jumanji time, which means the gang will have to solve devilish (read: stupid) puzzles, get baby-carried by a powerful ancient sorcerer, and give each other the Irish Blessing. That happens a lot in this one. Sorry! Watching: S5 E17-18 of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters aka Capsule Monsters aka ALEX Elliott | Sarah | Dan | Special Guest Jordan! Twitter | Tumblr | Discord | YouTube??? Check out Juergen It & Like A Podcast! Check out Noise Space!

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96: Yami Yogi Bear

Welcome to the digital world! The gang find themselves within the mysterious realm of Alexander the Great's Floor Map, and must befriend Capsule Monsters (Pokemon) in order to survive. Join us and the gang as they meet such strange creatures as: Human Man. Dragon Child. Masquerain. Minion. Watching: S5 E15-16 of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters aka Capsule Monsters aka ALEX Black lives matter! Please donate if you can! Dan | Argyle | Max | Special Guest Sara! Twitter | Tumblr | Discord Check out Noise Space!

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95: Crashing the Castle

Is there anyone here who isn't secretly a Schroeder? This week, Siegfried's trick occurs, which surely will have lasting ramifications on the entire landscape of Duel Mo- oh, it's fixed? Mokuba put on his Gunnars and unhacked the network? Ah! Well, nevertheless! Watching: Episodes 196-198 (S5 E12-14) of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Dan | Argyle | Max | Special Guest John! Twitter | Tumblr | Discord Check out Video Game Choo Choo! Check out Noise Space!

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94: Dick Waggzy

This is a CALL OUT post for Siegfreid Lloyd, who entered into the KaibaCorp Grand Prix under a FALSE IDENTITY. DISQUALIFIED. CANCELLED. Seto Kaiba will Duel you now. Other notable events include Sarah finally breaking out her Argyle impression after almost 100 episodes. But most importantly, we answer the question that's on EVERYONE's lips: What if Finalfantasy Hellhouse had Tits? Watching: Episodes 194 & 195 (Dub 10+11) of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters CUP OF GREED REGISTRATION ENDS MAY 28TH Argyle | Sarah | Dan | Max Twitter | Tumblr | Discord Hey, go check out the Noisespace podcast network! They're mates…

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93: Deviantart Dot Com

This is why we can't have nice things. Just as season 5 was getting good, we're faced with two of the absolute worst episodes yet. I, for one, am not too pleased with this development! Would you like to visit Fetish Chasm? Or, perhaps, Racism Island? Personally, I'd choose to just go home. Watching Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Episodes 192-193 (S5E8-9) Max | Dan | Argyle | Special Guest Cass!!! Twitter | Tumblr | Disc Cord | Noise Space

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91: Stupid Sexy Grandpa

Oh Arthur-boy, your husband is positively dummy thicc in those thotty overalls! Would somebody please call the fire department, because he is positively too hot for this theme park! Were I not lovingly married to Croquet, I'd snatch up that choice piece of beefsteak ASAP! Watching Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Episodes 187-189 (S5E3-5) Max | Elliott | Argyle | Special Guest Olivia!!! Twitter | Tumblr | Webbed Site

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Cup of Greed…2! – Tournament Announcement

Sarah, Dan, Max, and Big Argyle are here to formaly announce the second annual Cup of Greed tournament!!! Essential info: 4th-11th June. Sign up using the google form by the 28th of May. Legacy tournament to October 2005 This is just for fun!!!! To enter you MUST bring a gimmick, such as a themed deck, tragic backstory, or interesting duelling style. a Duel-sona, basically. Proficiency in [bon jovi voice] "Yu-Gi-Oh! The Card Game" is non essential! Our discord community will help you learn how to play beforehand! Entry Form Pod of Greed Discord Our Twitter (for further announcements and such)

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Chapo Trap Card

This here is a special episode, folks! We are finally able to put our money where our mouth is and actually talk communist theory about Yu-Gi-Oh! Join us as we discuss daddy Marx, daddy Pegasus, and the only two corporations in the entire series! You won't want to miss this actual, genuine discusson about Themes! SPOILER ALERT! From [50:30] to [1:00:20] we discuss some Duel Monsters season 5 spoilers! Feel free to skip past it if you aren't in the know! Reading: This! Supplementary Reading: Spooky Archaeology by Jeb Card Featuring: Sarah | Max | Audrey | Dan | Special…

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