034 – Harvard Gender School


CW: Talk about bones breaking for a couple minutes in the questions section (the question is about this subject so you’ll know when it’s coming!)

This week your hosts have braved a truly awful episode of Sex and the City for you. We even dragged in a very special guest to suffer with us, friend of the show Josh! The episode of the week is season 3 episode 4, Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl… and hoo boy, the title is just the tip of the iceberg. Carrie dates a bisexual man, Charlotte does drag, and as you can imagine the writers handle both of these topics with absolutely no problems that make us want to die. Meanwhile, Miranda freaks out about domesticity with Steve, and your hosts discuss ancient internet culture that Alex was too baby for.

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033 – My Little Cumrag


I hope you’re ready for the titty tally to fly off the charts, because this week’s tits and bush count was out of this world. This week we’re discussing season 3 episode 3, Attack of the 5’10” Woman, which surprisingly has little to no attacking. We’re finally blessed with a Miranda plot sans class traitor Steve, and it’s extremely good! We also discuss our Natasha headcanons, figure out which Beyonce songs are best to bone to, and give all our love to women of every height possible.

032 – My Fetish is Hold


Dear listener, I hope you’re ready to be kinkshamed in our most cursed episode yet, where we discuss season 3 episode 2: Politically Erect. This week we bid farewell to the beautiful John Slattery, who was unfortunately arrested for piss crimes. We also make room for short kings to rise up, unless you’re Sam’s current boyfriend who we hate. Meanwhile, we try to ignore as much of the Miranda/Steve plot as possible, and instead talk about being horny for love and respect.

031 – Get Wet, It’s Pisces Season!


Folks, we made it to the best season of all………… Pisces season 3! And boy are we ever excited. This week we’re techincally talking about season 3 episode 1, Where There’s Smoke…, but that’s just a front for us to swoon over John Slattery for an hour and a half. Tune in to find out what Alex is (or isn’t) going to do to Joe Biden, and also to hear us try to remember the plot of Mad Men.

030 – Horse Secrets


Your favourite anti-equestrian gals have finally reached the end of season 2, and they brought friend and artist of the show Summer along for the ride! This week’s episode is season 2 episode 18, Ex and the City. Between horses, huge dicks (the ex kind), and huge dicks (the dick kind), there’s a lot to unpack. So hop on your favourite horsie and gallop into season 3 with us!

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029 – Bullet to the Clit


Hello ladies and crabs (and anyone else listening), this week Alex and Stephanie are writing themselves into The Winds of Winter, bringing back rabies, and not trusting doctors. Oh, and also talking about season 2 episode 17: Twenty-Something Girls vs. Thirty-Something Women. It’s the penultimate episode of season 2, so make sure you break out your reserves of dumb bitch juice before we head into the finale. You’re gonna need it!

028 – Bram Stroker


If you’re bad at sex then you might want to listen closely this week, because our titular city gals are trying to figure out how to know if you’re good in bed. Our episode of the week is season 2 episode 16, Was It Good For You, and the girls are all pretty valid for once! It’s time to get tantric, so buckle up and watch out for unexpected facials!

027 – Infinite Nut


Are there any two things that go together better than family and premature ejaculation? That’s what we’re tackling this week when we discuss season 2 episode 15: Shortcomings. Miranda deals with her boyfriend’s demon child, while Carrie has to decide whether a perfect family outweighs the burden of her boyfriend’s active volcano of a dick. Meanwhile, Alex and Stephanie look back on some of the books they’ve read, and some of the ones they’ve only seen.

CW: drug talk from 1:23:05 to 1:25:40

001 – The Age of Adz by Sufjan Stevens (8.4)


Tuning Fork is a show about music and the Pitchfork Media hype machine. David and Matt, and sometimes guests, will dive into an album that Pitchfork loved or hated, go through the review, listen to the album, and decide whether or not they agree with the ‘fork on this one.

This week’s album is The Age of Adz by Sufjan Stevens, well-known as a departure from his established style of acoustic allegorical indie pop. Our guest is Stephanie from City Girls Make Do.

026 – The Fuck Modifier


We’re back with another new episode, this time featuring the wonderful Sara (aka Cheesa Tonkas)! While we do get pretty derailed, we also manage to talk about our episode of the week, which is season 2 episode 14: The Fuck Buddy. We sadly have to deal with Skipper one last time, and it’s possibly his most insufferable appearance yet. Good thing Dennis Duffy is also here to bore us to tears while Miranda’s boyfriend of the week makes us :mood: emoji.

Sara’s twitter: @SunhatZhenya