019 – Let’s Play: Mary-Kate and Ashley Crush Course


Whether your boyfriend is a hopeless romantic or has the emotional range of a rock, this is an episode you’ll love. And if you don’t have a boyfriend, congratulations! You’ll love it too. This week we’re discussing season 2 episode 7: The Chicken Dance. It’s a wedding episode, which makes it a perfect time for Carrie to reflect on her dumpster fire of a relationship with Big. Put on your sluttiest dress and enjoy the episode!

Episode 60: Daisy Duke Nukem


Get your knees a-slappin’, folks, because friend of the show Stephanie from City Girls Make Do is joining us to discuss S03E14, “Rules of Engagement”! I guess the reason last week’s episode was so devoid of plot is because they saved it all for this one! Lots going on here, very little of it good. Two disgraceful teen crimes in this one, and possibly the stupidest thing that has ever happened on the show! (I know, but seriously!) This week, we get our hands on Kathleen Bowman’s famous gnocchi recipe. It’s ggrrant!

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017 – Cucking the Dead Wife


Your favourite City Girls are back to emasculate men for another week, even if Stephanie’s audio is a bit messed up. This time we’re talking about season 2 episode 5: Four Women and a Funeral. The gals are confronted with death, but we’re more interested in talking about eyeliner on men (and every gender, really). Enjoy this episode while you’re still alive!

010 – TWAFS: Sodium Bad at Being Good


This week on My Podcabbages, Summer and Noah introduce the first episode of a new format, Tea with A Fascinating Stranger. Fascinating Stranger Stephanie spills the tea on goth girlfriends and positive influences, and then personally escorts Summer and Noah to the gates of oblivion with a Toph-ully difficult game of 20 questions. It was truly a delight!

This episode contains spoilers for late episodes throughout!

Music by Noah.
Art by Summer.

016 – Drunk History: The Carrie Diaries


Welcome back to your favourite Mormon soap opera podcast, where you know we had to do it do it do it do it do it to them! This week we’re talking about season 2 episode 4 of Sex and the City: They Shoot Single People, Don’t They? We also share our comprehensive knowledge of Yu-Gi-Oh!, Stephanie flexes on Christians for not facing repercussions for her sins, and the gals in the show are all faking it in one way or another. Hail Satan and bust a nut!

015 – Tony Hawk’s Pro Pussy Eating


Step right up to hear about season 2 episode 3 of Sex and the City: The Freak Show. Alex, Stephanie, and cunnilingus guestpert Brooks are here to give you an episode so good you’re going to pass out when you listen! It’s hay mowing season and the carnival is in town, so don’t miss out — you might even see the face of God.

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013 – Dolce & Gabballna


Your favourite City Girls are back to start season two of Sex and the City! This week we’re on episode 13, where Miranda is trying desperately to make the show pass the Bechdel test. The other girls aren’t having it though — Samantha has her man going balls deep, Carrie’s on the rebound with a Yankee, and Charlotte… is also dating a ball player. Oh, balls.

012 – I Love Big Dick


Folks, we’ve made it through a whole season of wacky sexcapades and ’90s antics. And this season finale? It’s Big. Big like Mr Big, but also big like Big Dicks. Get it? Like our funny episode title! Carrie is being Carrie, Miranda is dating a catholic, and Samantha has a BIG dealbreaker. We also talk about Halloween costumes, and Alex learns about Canadian headgear. Time to take a long shower to wash away our sins before season 2!