060 – Good to Goo


Your favourite Twilight vampires are back and we absolutely hate Trey this week (sorry Kyle). We’re on season 4 episode 12, Just Say Yes, where Carrie has to deal with Aidan loving her despite how much she sucks. Meanwhile Steve finds out Miranda’s pregnant, Matt finds out what Steve looks like, and we have the displeasure of meeting the Italians of Scottish people.

059 – Can You Poach My Eggs?


It’s Charlie’s Angels week on CGMD, partly because Lucy Liu is in the episode, but more importantly because we’re joined again by the lovely guest of Summer! We discuss season 4 episode 11, Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda. And folks? It’s possibly the first time Carrie has ever been more valid than Aidan. Miranda is pregnant, Charlotte isn’t, and we’re pleasantly surprised at how well the show handles abortion!

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058 – Big Spine Energy


Balls…………………………………. are the topic of the week, apparently. Which you might be able to guess from the title of season 4 episode 10, The Belles of the Balls. We ponder some deep ball philosphy and also determine that there’s literally zero difference between Carrie Bradshaw and Don Draper. Plus, we geniusly invent some great genitalia-free metaphorical language for everyone to adopt!

057 – Butthole Science


We’re back! And amazing friend of the show Su is here again! They joined us this week to plow through season 4 episode 9, Sex and the Country. It’s a good episode for people who love to milk cows and bathe next to their mom, but a bad episode for city girls who hate the country, and also for people who have testicles. Tune in to learn the best country girl way to dispose of your garbage!

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EPISODE 153: One Missed Call


Ring ring! Uh oh! You got a voicemail! It’s from a ghost! You’re gonna die in a few days, apparently. That sucks. But maybe the movie we watched this week, One Missed Call, can provide you with some instructions on how to navigate this sticky situation! Joined by host of City Girls Make Do Stephanie, we’ll get to the bottom of your haunted iPhone or whatever.

In addition to brick phones, we also talked about deviantArt searches, cats not being on they celled phones, horse dives, ghostpunching, and a deep dive into Taylor Swift!

Carly Rae Jepsen – Dedicated
Taylor Swift – Reputation
Tegan and Sara

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Intro/outro music by Satah, whose music can be found under people you meet outside of bars!

Here’s a picture of Looker and Nanu!

056 – Real Housewives of No Fap


CW for parental death in this one (throughout most of the episode)

A bit of a heavy one this week with season 4 episode 8, My Motherboard, My Self. Miranda suffers the loss of her mother, and on an equally(?) tragic note, Samantha has lost her nut. On top of that, Carrie’s laptop has died and Aidan has the audacity to buy her a new one!!!!!!!!! Meanwhile, we discuss how much we appreciate the theatrics of wrestling and funerals.

055 – You Are Not Immune to Pube-aganda


Welcome to the pube episode of City Girls! If you’ve ever wanted ideas for what to shave into your bush, we’ve got ya covered. But we also have other stuff to yell about — this week we’re discussing season 4 episode 7, Time and Punishment. Charlotte quits her job to raise a baby she’s not even pregnant with, Miranda is on the floor, and we’ve absolutely had it with Carrie and Aidan’s horseshit drama.

054 – Peeing Five Urinals Apart Because You’re Not Gay


We’re joined again by podcasting genius val flightcub! They’re here to help us deconstruct the challenging topics of baby talk and eating ass. The episode of the week is season 4 episode 6, Baby Talk is Cheap, and thank god because there’s so much to talk about. Carrie is gen X big brain Logged Off in her quest to get Aidan back, Charlotte is getting rawed, and we condemn daddy doms to the deepest pits of hell. This episode written by Banky!

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053 – The Sex Files


Aaaaa!! There’s a ghost in our podcast! This week we’re tackling season 4 episode 5, Ghost Town. Steve’s back and mostly tolerable, Aidan is also back, and we’re upset that Sex and the City didn’t  to go full on paranormal. It’s FINE I guess. In other news, Samantha is going off her pussy diet, and Stephanie and Alex pretend to know what the X-Files is about.

052 – Pussy Spelunking


Brace yourselves… we’re joined again by special guest Sara and we get a LITTLE rowdy. We take another trip to Casa de Lesbo this week in season 4 episode 4, What’s Sex Got to Do With It?, where we learn all about secret body holes. We also get to mull over The Mask, who’s warged into Trey’s wang, and the subtle differences between seppuku and bukkake.

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