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Episode 44: The Homestuck Is Constant, We Just Get Older

In these trying times, please allow us to humbly offer… Ham. This time, Karkat makes a horrible frog mistake, the Handmaid makes a break for it, and the kids go dark. Pages 3874 to 4108. Next time: [S] Cascade! Cascade is the 13-minute blockbuster Flash update that ended Act 5 and brought down two media hosts in one night. It deserves its own episode, so we’re giving it one! Hamometer reading: 50.26%. We’re halfway there! You can find us on twitter and tumblr You can find alex on twitter and tumblr You can find Lydia socially distancing and letting her…


Episode 43: Time To Go In The Hole

Well!!!!!!!! Here’s Hamsteak!Alex and Lydia return triumphant for another Homestuck anniversary with an episode that was recorded in August. We’re still planning on finishing this thing within our human lifetimes, folks.John goes in the hole, Rose goes grimdark, Terezi goes to the roof and the reader goes to the doctor’s house. That’s right, it’s pages 3658 to 3873 of Homestuck.The absolute bangers mentioned are Black Rose, Green Sun and BL1ND JUST1C3 – 1NV3ST1G4T1ON !!When will the next episode be?! Hopefully in less than one calendar year! Thank you again for your patience and hello to anyone who’s hopped on in…

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Hi! Sorry. We’re coming back soon. Thanks for your patience! Outro music is “Showtime (Piano Refrain)”, by Malcolm Brown, arranged & performed by Kevin Regamey. It is from the album “Homestuck vol. 1-4”, available to listen and download on Bandcamp.

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