S1E14 – Rudo Cherrywine – Corazon de Campeones

S1E14 – Rudo Cherrywine – Corazon de Campeones
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Hosts: Brooks, Eddy, Producer Kim, Ryno
Premiered: May 8, 2017

The crew is back on dry land and everything is terrible. Sounds like a good time for a carnival, right? Nothing like funnel cakes, JNCO jeans, and facing your inner demons that made you run away from your family and past. There’s also a wrestling show! Kimulo enjoys a tasty treat. Ralmevik is Rudo. Rudo is someone else entirely.

The players are:

Eddy – Dungeon Master

Producer Kim – Kimulo Nimbus, Aasimar Ranger

Brooks – Rudo Cherrywine, Human Monk

Ryno – Ralmevik Chergoba, Human Sorcerer