S1E15 – Kimulo Nimbus – Follow the Wind

S1E15 – Kimulo Nimbus – Follow the Wind
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Hosts: Brooks, Eddy, Producer Kim, Ryno
Premiered: August 2, 2017

There’s nothing like the great outdoors. Fresh air, giant craters created by inter-dimensional monsters, horrible memories of your childhood. At least that cool sentient wind is here to help out! Rudo makes an ill-advised punch. Kimulo can enter the tree. Ralmevik makes his friends very, very fast.

The players are:

Eddy – Dungeon Master

Producer Kim – Kimulo Nimbus, Aasimar Ranger

Brooks – Rudo Cherrywine, Human Monk

Ryno – Ralmevik Chergoba, Human Sorcerer


EDIT: Unfortunately the last 20 or so minutes of this episode have been eaten by the computer machine. Here’s what happened, DON’T LOOK TIL THE END IT’S A SPOILER DUDE


Rudo punches through the creature and impales it on his arm, but is able to resist the deadly corrosive death poison I warned the party about several times. The group fights through to the exit of the facility, where the creatures have overrun the area. After some fighting, the wind helping Kimulo through this journey twirls and slices through the creatures, slaughtering them all. Kimulo reconciles with Dr. Feelgood, and the group follows the wind deeper into the forest.