2 – An Increasingly Militarized Barrel

2 – An Increasingly Militarized Barrel
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Hosts: Alex, Brooks, Eddy, Linus, Matt
Premiered: December 29, 2017

Hello and welcome to Episode 2 of HKIPGTD! We were marred by a few technical issues this week but we sorted most of them out in post, except for our half-baked leftist takes but what would the podcast be without ’em! Featuring a wholly different cast from Episode 1, we discuss Daddy Trudeau, weed legalization, the benefits of fucking aliens and the leftist infighting over what colour Gumby is. Also somehow, they let us on iTunes and Google Play! Please water us with some nice reviews.

Featuring Matt, Alex, Linus, Brooks and Eddy.

Music used:

The Taxpayers – Evil Men
No More Heroes 2 OST – Bit Side: Bug Out Last 1