EPISODE 17: Tobias Sadstuck

EPISODE 17: Tobias Sadstuck
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Hosts: Sara SunhatZhenya, Satah
Premiered: January 26, 2018

Well folks, we’ve got some bad news – we go into it in more detail but basically Blair is now Satah and Satah’s now their cat, Garold. It’s a whole mess. But anyways, until The Ellimist decides to let Blair morph back into her own body, Satah is here to talk about the Animorphs TV show! And boy, is it…..well, it’s something.

In addition to My Name is Jake: Part 1, we also discussed Morph Chain, A Deep YTV Hole, Epic Rap Battles of History: Tobias Vs. Garold, Marco’s Stolen Jumpsuit, My Name is Jake-nas, Satah Loses Their Goddamn Mind Over Some Juice, Our Tells,

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