Episode 8 – Zed Moves, Cheats, and the Suck

Episode 8 – Zed Moves, Cheats, and the Suck
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Hosts: Aury, Matt
Premiered: December 23, 2016

Elite Full Restore is BACK after a wait pretty much as long as the last one. Sun and Moon are here, but we’re just in it for the goofs.

  • First up, join us on Discord! General discussion area, a place to put questions where we won’t lose them and we have a Fat Pikachu emoji
  • VGC San Jose regionals report! Matt manages to mispronouce San Jose
  • Your monthly “competitive Pokémon could be better” discussion
  • Don’t miss a bunch of events! There’s currently FOUR, check Mystery Gift on WiFi on both current and last gen games, and enter the code ARCEUS20 or ARCEUS2016 in last gen games
  • Matt gets the Pokémon Go info down to a lean 30 seconds, Aury still vapes the whole time
  • The ethical and practical quandaries of hacking
  • A quick primer on SOS battles and the Island Scan features and how Matt is the stupidest god damn human on this entire Earth
  • An update on new abilities for old Pokemon gives us a great vape of the week
  • The Ultra Beasts are here to stay, we love our space friends, and we earn our explicit rating saying which ones we’d fuck
  • Massage parlours hate him! This gym employee’s one neat trick to maximize your Pokémon’s friendship


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