EPISODE 85: The Fog

EPISODE 85: The Fog
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Hosts: Blair, Michael, Sara SunhatZhenya
Premiered: February 5, 2018

Well, bad news guys – Blair’s been dead for the last, like, 100 years. So has our friend Michael! Anyways, it’s the anniversary, so Michael’s back among the living for a little while, and he decided to record a podcast with us! Where we watched John Carpenter’s The Fog! Blair’s ghost will come back eventually, I’m sure.

In addition to a poor synopsis of The Fog, we also provide MagicChat, Deep Blue Sea 2, Live Ghosts, Our First Joke, Respect Overdose, and The Good Numbers.


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  • King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard
  • Mild High Club

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Intro/outro music courtesy of our friend Satah!

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