EPISODE 86: The Last Exorcism

EPISODE 86: The Last Exorcism
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Hosts: Blair, Devin, Sara SunhatZhenya
Premiered: February 11, 2018

Hey guys! Blair was supposed to be back this week, but she got possessed by a demon. She’ll be fine, but it’s just gonna take a little while for this Father Karras guy to get him out of her. She’ll be right as rain in no time! In the meantime, our friend Devin joined us to talk about The Last Exorcism!

We also discussed Lulu’s New Bestseller, Bullet Journalism, Young Fears, Larry the Cable Guy Colon Health Inspector, The World’s Most Racist Name, Sweet Egg Nut, Ovipositor Nut, and Satan’s Weed Stash.

Thanks as always to our friend Satah for our theme song, check out their music!

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For reference: Poncho’s Beardie Boobs