EPISODE 19: Surrealist Basketball Hoops

EPISODE 19: Surrealist Basketball Hoops
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Hosts: Sara SunhatZhenya, Satah
Premiered: February 9, 2018

So remember how in the books, Tobias is a nothlit by the end of the first one? Well, we reached the end of the third episode, and he’s still not stuck! So what the hell! We know it happens eventually, but they’re just dragging the first book out! Anyways, let’s talk about Underground, and finally get off our skateboard for the first time in the seri-oh, it’s not that Underground? Fuck.

We also discussed: Name Game, Nothlit List, Tiger Facts, Get Rid of the Skids, Supernatural Memories, The Laziest Yeerk, Satah Cries Again, Another Satah Remix, and Satah’s Farm Adventures!

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